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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

English Grammar | SEBA and AHSEC | Class 9, 10, 11, 12

Here in this article, you'll get all the patterns of English grammar questions asked in different exams under SEBA and AHSEC. Links to details of all the patterns are also provided.

1. Correct Tense Exercises for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

1. Nobody (like) a traitor.

Ans: Nobody likes a traitor.

2. Water (flow) downwards.

Ans: Water flows downwards.

3. Milk (be) white.

Ans: Milk is white.

4. Ice (float) on water. 

Ans: Ice floats on water.

5. Stop that noise. I (listen) to the music.

Ans: Stop that noise. I am listening to the music.

6. It is time I (go) to bed.

Ans: It is time I went to bed.

7. I (have) my dinner an hour ago.

Ans: I had my dinner an hour ago.

8. I (see) you yesterday.

Ans: I saw you yesterday.

9. The child (cry) because it is hungry.

Ans: The child is crying because it is hungry.

10. He (finish) his work just now.

Ans: He has finished his work just now.

11. I (not see) him for a week.

I have not seen him for a week.

12. Please try to (come) soon.

Ans: Please try to come soon.

13. I (see) a bird in the sky now.

Ans: I see a bird in the sky now.

14. It (rain) since morning.

Ans: It has been raining since morning.

15. They (live) in our town 

Ans: They live in our town.

16. If I (be) a bird, I could fly.

Ans: If I were a bird, I could fly.

17. I (go) to apply for the post.

Ans: I am going to apply for the post.

18. The train (leave) the station before we arrived.

Ans: The train had left the station before we arrived.

19. Fortune (favour) the brave.

Ans: Fortune favours the brave.

20. Water (freeze) in extreme cold.

Ans: Water freezes in extreme cold.

21. The winner (drive) the racing car skillfully.

Ans: The winner drove the racing car skillfully.

22. Everyday Mira (copy) sums from Ramesh.

Ans: Everyday Mira copies sums from Ramesh.

23. They (sit) down and started eating.

Ans: They sat down and started eating.

24. Babar (found) the Mughal Empire in India.

Ans: Babar founded the Mughal Empire in India.

25. Never (tell) a lie.

Ans: Never tell a lie.

26. Football (play) all over the world.

Ans: Football is played all over the world.

27. He (go) to the temple everyday.

Ans: He goes to the temple everyday.

28. I wish I (be) the Prime Minister.

Ans: I wish I were the Prime Minister.

29. My brother (practise) law these days.

Ans: My brother practises law these days.

30. It (say) in the Bible, "Thou shalt not steal. "

Ans: It is said in the Bible, "Thou shalt not steal."

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2. Voice Change Exercise  for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

1. I saw him going.

Ans: He was seen going.

2. The patient is being examined by a doctor.

Ans: A doctor is examining the patient.

3. I know your father well.

Ans: Your father is known to me well.

4. We discussed the matter thoroughly.

Ans: The matter was discussed thoroughly by us.

5. You should not raise this question now.

Ans: This question should not be raised by you now.

6. I delivered all the letters.

Ans: All the letters were delivered.

7. The members elected him secretary.

Ans: He was elected secretary.

8. Don't go there.

Ans: You are asked not to go there.

9. Did he do it?

Ans: Was it done by him?

10. We had to put off our journey.

Ans: Our journey had to be put off.

11. A storm damaged the house.

Ans: The house was damaged by a storm.

12. The letters have been posted.

Ans: They have posted the letters.

13. Could you help me sir?

Ans: Could I be helped by you sir? 

14. We have a lot of work to do.

Ans: We have a lot of work to be done.

15. Tom is building a house.

Ans: A house is being built by Tom.

16. Carelessness causes accidents.

Ans: Accidents are caused by carelessness.

17. Might I use your phone?

Ans: Might your phone be used by me?

18. There is a lot of work to do.

Ans: There is a lot of work to be done.

19. How much work can be done in a day?

Ans: How much work can you do in a day?

20. I am going to write a letter.

Ans: A letter is going to be written by me.

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3. Narration Exercise for Class 9, 10

1. My teacher said to me, "I will speak to you on Monday".

Ans: My teacher told me that he would speak to me on Monday.

2. The teacher said to the students, "Complete your work".

Ans: The teacher told the students to complete their work.

3. The teacher said to me, "Why are you late today?"

Ans: The teacher asked me why I was late that day.

4. My teacher said to me, "You answered correctly."

Ans: My teacher told me that I had answered correctly.

5. Madhumita said to her teacher, "Please teach me for a month."

Ans: Madhumita requested her teacher to teach her for a month.

6. The master ordered his servant to be quiet.

Ans: The master said to his servant, "Be quiet."

7. "Be regular to your classes", my teacher said to me.

Ans: My teacher advised me to be regular to my classes.

8. My teacher said to me, "Don't worry about the result."

Ans: My teacher advised me not to worry about the result.

9. The man said to his sons, "Unity is strength".

Ans: The man told his sons that unity is strength.

10. The teacher said to me, "What is your name?"

Ans: The teacher asked me what my name was.

11. I replied that I was afraid of him.

Ans: I said, "I am afraid of you."

12. "Don't make a noise", said the teacher.

Ans: The teacher ordered not to make a noise.

13. Amal said to me, "Are you really happy?"

Ans: Amal asked me if I was really happy.

14. Kamal said to his sister, "Why are you laughing?"

Ans: Kamal asked his sister why she was laughing.

15. Namrata said to me, "Would you like to dance with me?"

Ans: Namrata asked me if I would like to dance with her.

16. The Prime Minister said, "I need five years to make India a rich country."

Ans: The Prime Minister said that he needed five years to make India a rich country.

17. The principal said to me, "When did you go to Delhi?"

Ans: The principal asked me when I had gone to Delhi.

18. Mother said to me, "Shut the door."

Ans: Mother asked me to shut the door.

19. Uncle wished that I might succeed in my business.

Ans: Uncle said, "May you succeed in your business."

20. I asked Rita what she was doing.

Ans: I said to Rita, "What are you doing?"

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4. Narration Exercise for Class 12

1. The minister then addressed the gathering and said, "My beloved countrymen, I have great pleasure in accepting the heavy task conferred on me by you".

Ans: Addressing the gathering as his beloved countrymen, the minister said that he had great pleasure in accepting the heavy task conferred on him by them.

2. Mark Antony said to the mob, "Friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him".

Ans: Addressing the mob as friends, Romans and countrymen, Mark Antony told them to lend him their ears. He added that he came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

3. "Let's buy some Yeast and make our own bread, " said Rashmi. " The bread we are getting now is absolutely tasteless".

Ans: Rashmi suggested that they should buy some yeast and make their own bread as the bread they were getting then was absolutely tasteless.

4. Macbeth said to his wife, "Did you not hear a noise?"

She told him to go back and wash his filthy hands.

Ans: Macbeth asked his wife if she had not heard a noise.

She said, "Go back and wash your filthy hands."

5. The teacher said to the boys, "Be very careful and sincere in your study so that you don't fail."

Ans: The teacher advised the boys to be very careful and sincere in their study so that they didn't fail.

6. Alexander said to Poru, "How do you desire to be treated?"

"Like a king," replied Poru.

Ans: Alexander asked Poru how he desired to be treated.

Poru replied that he desired to be treated like a king.

7. The boy asked me if I knew Ram.

I replied that I didn't.

Ans: The boy said to me, "Do you know Ram? "

I said, "I don't."

8. "My son", said the doctor, "You are suffering from jaundice. Take this medicine regularly and do not take fish or meat".

Ans: Addressing the patient as his son, the doctor told him that he was suffering from jaundice. He further told him to take that medicine regularly and not to take fish or meat.

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5. Determiners Exercise for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

1. They won the match without much difficulty.

2. His brother is a university student.

3. He received much help from his teacher.

4. He is much older than his wife.

5. Much of their property was lost in the flood.

6. We found the house without any difficulty.

7. I gave him the few books I had. 

8. Reading is a useful hobby.

9. Many of the apples were rotten.

10. He has to feed his family with the little money he earns.

11. My brother had gone an hour before.

12. He is an MBBS.

13. Many guests were invited but only a few turned up.

14. This is a slip of the tongue.

15. He drives his car very carefully.

16. I am much older than you.

17. There isn't much furniture in this room.

18. Bimal doesn't get much time for studies.

19. Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.

20. Ramen comes home twice a month.

21. Have you seen the Taj Mahal?

22. They stood on either side of the bed.

23. Kamal received much encouragement from his teachers.

24. The workers decided to form a union.

25. He has heard it with his own ears.

26. The patient is strong enough to walk.

27. The Ganga is a holy river of India.

28. Have you any pen?

29. You have eaten all the apples. You haven't left any for me.

30. There is some water in the jug.

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6. Preposition Exercise for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

1. The birds are flying over the bridge. (on/over/at)

2. This table is made of wood. (of/from/with)

3. The police found a clue to the murder. (to/of/for)

4. The poor man lives by begging. (by/on/from)

5. Happiness consists in speaking the truth. (in/of/at)

6. The lady is blind to the fault of her son. (of/to/at)

7. Death is common to all. (to/in/about)

8. Distribute the mangoes among the ten boys. (between/among/in)

9. The hunter aimed at the animal. (to/at/for)

10. We are not satisfied with your work. (with/by/at)

11. I am astonished at your conduct.

12. John has no taste for music.

13. He takes pride in his wealth.

14. I was speaking to a friend.

15. I congratulate you on your success.

16. We are not interested in your story.

17. He is fond of playing cards.

18. The master frowned at the servant.

19. He is averse to hard work.

20. Where do you come from?

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7. Word Order/ Reordering of Sentences for Class 9, 11

1. An gave book he interesting me.

Ans: He gave me an interesting book.

2. Young the puppy one dog of a called is.

Ans: The young one of a dog is called puppy.

3. Room in was nobody there the.

Ans: There was nobody in the room.

4. Please your dictionary me lend.

Ans: Please lend me your dictionary.

5. On river Guwahati the stands Brahmaputra bank of the.

Ans: Guwahati stands on the bank of the river Brahmaputra.

6. There never without go you should my permission.

Ans: You should never go there without my permission.

7. The far away railway is station.

Ans: The Railway Station is far away.

8. Varied can he uses put to computers.

Ans: He can put computers to varied uses.

9. They only work when they have no money.

Ans: They work only when they have no money.

10. Kindness is my mother that said A great virtue.

Ans: Mother said that kindness is a great virtue.

11.a hotel left in the motor car they.

Ans: They left the hotel in a motor car.

12. Looking I for house him found new

Ans: I found him looking for a new house.

13. Along routes fixed it travels.

Ans: It travels along fixed routes.

14. My took umbrella is man this who the.

Ans: This is the man who took my umbrella.

15. Called a cow is from beef meat the.

Ans: The meat from a cow is called beef.

16. He repeated the whole poem after he had read it only once with perfect accuracy.

Ans: He repeated the whole poem with perfect accuracy after he had read it only once.

17. Discipline/the/life/necessity/of/is

Ans: Discipline is the necessity of life.

18. Human civilisation/are/essential/very/for/they

Ans: They are very essential for human civilization.

19. Is/one of/the/'work is worship'/truest proverbs.

Ans: 'Work is worship' is one of the truest proverbs.

20. Are/Indian temples/a storehouse/indian art/of

Ans: Indian temples are a storehouse of Indian art.

21. Life/live/an/they/aimless

Ans: They live an aimless life.

22. Hindus/greatest festival/for the/it/is the

Ans: It is the greatest festival for the Hindus.

23. Want do me see you off at to the airport?

Ans: Do you want to see me off at the airport?

24. Are harmless to snakes most people

Ans: Most snakes are harmless to people.

25. Talking please stop you will?

Ans: Will you please stop talking?

26. Everyday /it/practised/be/must

Ans: It must be practised everyday.

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9. Degrees of Comparison for Class 9

1. The Japanese are the most courteous people in the world. (Turn it into positive degree)

Ans: No other people in the world are as courteous as the Japanese.

2. Nothing else travels so fast as light. (Turn it into comparative degree)

Ans: Light travels faster than anything else.

3. The Rajdhani Express runs faster than any other train. (Turn it into superlative degree)

Ans: The Rajdhani Express is the fastest of all trains.

4. The Everest is the highest peak in the world. (Turn it into comparative degree)

Ans: The Everest is higher than any other peak in the world.

5. No other subject is so easy as this. (Turn it into comparative degree)

Ans: This is easier than all other subjects.

6. Banaras is the most sacred place in India. (Turn it into positive degree)

Ans: No other place in India is as sacred as Banaras.

7. Snow is the whitest of all substances. (Turn it into comparative degree)

Ans: Snow is whiter than any other substance.

8.  New York is richer than any other city in the world. (Turn it into positive degree)

Ans: No other city in the world is as rich as New York.

9. New York is richer than any other city in the world. (Turn it into superlative degree)

Ans: New York is the richest city in the world.

10. No other man was so strong as Hercules. (Turn into Superlative degree)

Ans: Hercules was the strongest man.

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10. Question Patterns Exercise for Class 9

1. I do not like tea. (Ask question)

Ans: Do you like tea?

2. The boy does not do his duty, (Add a tag question)

Ans: Does he?

3. He came here to play cricket. (Make it interrogative)

Ans: Did he come here to play cricket?

4. The weight of a cricket ball is 160 grams. (Ask a question to get this answer)

Ans: What is the weight of a cricket ball?

5. The book costs thirty rupees. (Ask a question using 'how much')

Ans: How much does the book cost?

6. There is nothing better than a busy life. (Make it interrogative)

Ans: Is there anything better than a busy life?

7. I am a student of a good school, (Add a tag question)

Ans: Aren't I?

8. He will stay here for a month. (Ask a question using 'how long')

Ans: How long will he stay here?

9. She came to give the news. (Ask a question to get the underlined part as answer)

Ans: What did she come to give?

10. He is the best candidate for the post. (Use 'who')

Ans: Who is the best candidate for the post?

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11. Vocabulary Exercise for Class 10

Difference between Words for Class 11

1. Rose smells sweet. (sweetly/sweet)

2. I will give you a present on your birthday. (prize/present)

3. He is a Brahmin by caste. (cast/caste)

4. He refused the money. (refused/denied)

5. I heard her singing. (herd/heard)

6. The kite is a bird of prey. (prey/pray)

7. The mountain is very high. (high/tall)

8. Children are brought up by a loving mother. (lovely/loving/loveable)

9. You should not break the promise that you have made. (oath/promise)

10. We met nobody on the way home. (nobody/anybody)

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12. Synthesis of Sentences for Class 9, 10

1. He will pass. There is no doubt about it.

Ans: There is no doubt that he will pass.

2. He is very sincere. Everybody in the school says this.

Ans: Everybody in the school says that he is very sincere.

3. It is certain. Abdul will pass.

Ans: It is certain that Abdul will pass.

4. The bird was very small. It could not fly.

Ans: The bird was so small that it could not fly.

5. He is hardworking. He is also intelligent.

Ans: He is not only hard working but also intelligent.

6. Walk fast. You will miss the train.

Ans: Walk fast or you will miss the train.

7. Where does he live? Do you know it?

Ans: Do you know where he lives?

8. The moon is round. It has been proved.

Ans: It has been proved that the moon is round.

9. A man was running away. We saw the man.

Ans: We saw a man running away.

10. You get more. You want more.

Ans" The more you get the more you want.

11. They live in a village. It is six miles away.

Ans: They live in a village which is six miles away.

12. My uncle is a novelist. Do you know him?

Ans: Do you  know my uncle who is a novelist?

13. He would not come. He made it clear.

Ans: He made it clear that he would not come.

14. He saw me. I got off the bus.

Ans: He saw me as I was getting off the bus.

15. I have not met him. I have not written to him.

Ans: I have neither met nor written to him.

16. Speak the truth. I shall pardon you.

Ans: If you speak the truth, I shall pardon you.

17. A man was running away. We saw the man.

Ans: We saw a man running away.

18. The baby walked. The mother walked along.

Ans: The mother walked along with the baby.

19. My uncle built this bridge. He is an engineer.

Ans: My uncle who built this bridge is an engineer.

20. He fled. He had seen a bear coming.

Ans: Seeing a bear coming, he fled.

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13. Verb Phrases for Class 10/ Sentence Making

1. Hue and cry (loud outcry, protest): They raised a hue and cry against the new laws.

2. In a nutshell (briefly): Please tell me the story in a nutshell.

3. Ups and downs (good and bad experiences): He has experienced many ups and downs in life.

4. Hang around (spend time uselessly): I was just hanging around the market.

5. Fond of (love or like): I am fond of playing cricket.

6. By any means (in any possible way): I have to get a job by any means.

7. Close at hand (very near): My examination is close at hand.

8. At home in (comfortable): He was at home in the new school.

9. Well up in (well acquainted): I am well up in Mathematics.

10. Put off (postpone, delay): He has a habit of putting off work.

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14. Sentence Correction/ Error Correction for Class 10, 11

1. You must stop to write now.

Ans: You must stop writing now.

2. Tell me where is the post office.

Ans: Tell me where the post office is.

3. It is you who has done wrong.

Ans: It is you who have done wrong.

4. My ambition is to become engineer.

Ans: My ambition is to become an engineer.

5. I am feeling cold.

Ans: I feel cold.

6. He is richer than me.

Ans: He is richer than I.

7. Oranges are good to be eaten.

Ans: Oranges are good to eat.

8. Do you repent for your misdeeds?

Ans: Do you repent of your misdeeds?

9. Tell me where does he live?

Ans: Tell me where he lives?

10. Tell me why are you late.

Ans: Tell me why you are late.

11. Mr Das sold all his furnitures.

Ans: Mr Das sold all his furniture.

12. You are ill, isn't it?

Ans: You are ill, aren't you?

13. Be kind to them who are miserable.

Ans: Be kind to those who are miserable.

14. He told that he is hungry.

Ans: He said that he was hungry.

15. The man is devoted to wine.

Ans: The man is addicted to wine.

16. Give me fooding and lodging.

Ans: Give me food and lodging.

17. He has lots of rupees.

Ans: He has lots of money.

18. Neither of them are to blame.

Ans: Neither of them is to blame.

19. He purchased hundred books.

Ans: He purchased one hundred books.

20. Compare Akbar to Rudra Singha.

Ans: Compare Akbar with Rudra Singha.

21. Hari as well as Ramen were present in the meeting.

Ans: Hari as well as Ramen was present in the meeting.

22. He will work since tomorrow.

Ans: He will work from tomorrow.

23. You have less books than I have.

Ans: You have fewer books than I have.

24. Guwahati is one of the oldest city in the country.

Ans: Guwahati is one of the oldest cities in the world.

25. She is reading since morning.

Ans: She has been reading since morning.

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15. Modal Auxiliary for Class 11

1. He may come to my house at any time.

2. A servant mustn't disobey his master.

3. He would like to spend the evening with Ram.

4. Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

5. I could run very fast when I was young.

6. He can speak German.

7. You will be eighteen next month.

8. May I come in, sir?

9. You may go.

10. I am going to apply for the post.

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16. Transformation of Sentences for Class 9, 11, 12

1. He wants me to go. (Turn it into complex sentence)

Ans: He wants that I should go.

2. Only those boys who are industrious can shine in life. (Turn into simple sentence)

Ans: Only the industrious boys can shine in life.

3. In spite of poverty, he is happy. (Turn it into complex sentence)

Ans: Though he is poor, he is happy.

4. Mumbai is the busiest city in India. (Use positive degree)

Ans: No other city in India is as busy as Mumbai.

5. She is the most beautiful girl in the class. (Use comparative degree)

Ans: She is more beautiful than any other girl in the class.

6. He confessed his crime. (Make it a complex sentence)

Ans: He confessed that he had committed the crime.

7. He didn't know my name. (Make it a complex sentence)

Ans: He didn't know what my name was.

8. I shall always remember you. (Make it negative without changing its meaning)

Ans: I shall never forget you.

9. He cannot read. He cannot write. (combine)

Ans: He can neither read nor write

10. He gets up early. (Turn it into interrogative)

Ans: Does he get up early?

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