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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Question Pattern Exercises | Class 9 | SEBA English Grammar

English question patterns include use of question words, auxiliaries and question tags to ask questions. Question patterns are a part of SEBA Class IX English syllabus. Questions asked on this topic in Class IX examination can be divided into the following types:

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable question words
II. Write questions for the following answers/ ask questions to get the given sentences as answers using question words.
III. Ask a question as directed in brackets.
IV. Ask a question to get the underlined part as answers.
V. Ask a question/Turn into interrogative using auxiliaries and
VI. Add a tag question.

Exercises on question patterns based on previous years' exam questions are given below.

Type I

Use of Question Words:

Q. Fill in the blanks below with suitable question words

1. What is your name?
2. What does he do?
3. What does your father do?
4. What are you?
5. What is the time by your watch?
6. What class do you read in?
7. What do you want?
8. What is your hobby?
9. Who are you?
10. Who teaches you English?
11. Who came here?
12. Who told you the story?
13. Whose book is this?
14. Whose house is this?
15. Where are you going?
16. Where are you staying nowadays?
17. Whom do you want to see?
18. Whom did you contact?
19. When do you get up?
20. When did you come?
21. Which subject do you like most?
22. Which book do you want?
23. Why have you done this?
24. Why did you come here?
25. How are you?
26. How do you do?
27. How old are you?
28. How many students are there?
29. Do you know how to swim?
30. Did you see where he had gone?

Type II

Use of Question Words:

Q. Write questions for the following answers using suitable question words.

1. She is buying bananas.
What is she buying?
2. That tall boy won the prize.
Which boy won the prize?
3. He lives in Delhi.
Where does he live?
4. He comes from Dibrugarh.
Where does he come from?
5. These are my books.
Whose books are these?
6. I saw the boy in the shop.
Where did you see the boy?
7. You can go there by bus or by taxi.
How can I go there?
8. I have two brothers.
How many brothers do you have?
9. He is unpopular for his rough behavior.
Why is he unpopular?
10. The child is much better now.
How is the child now?
11. Ruhi was late because she missed the bus.
Why was Ruhi late?
12. He walked fast lest he should miss the bus.
Why did he walk fast?
13. Sameer will come at 5 PM
When will Sameer come?
14. Manab was absent because he was ill.
When was Manab absent?
15. Mr. Sharma is my English teacher.
Who is your English teacher?

Type III

Use of Question Words, Auxiliaries and Question Tags:

Q. Answer as directed in brackets.

1. We played cricket. (Use 'what')
What did you play?
2. Yes, I have. (Put a question to get this answer)
Have you done the work?
3. My father is a doctor. (Ask a question to get this answer)
What is your father?
4. The Brahmaputra is the biggest river in Assam. (Rewrite the sentence using which)
Which is the biggest river in Assam?
5. I want to go to school.
Where do you want to go?
6. He has none to help him. (Ask a question using 'Who')
Who is there to help him?
7. I came here yesterday. (Put a question to get this answer)
Ans: When did you come here?
8. We visited Delhi last year. (Ask a question using 'When')
When did you visit Delhi?
9. Sushmita lives in Guwahati. (Ask a question using 'Where')
Where does Sushmita live?
10. Anirban got the first prize. (Ask a question using 'Who')
Who got the first prize?
11. I like swimming. (Ask a question using 'What')
What do you like?
12. Ravi is the tallest boy in the class. (Ask a question using 'Who')
Who is the tallest boy in the class?
13. This is my book. (Ask a question using 'Which')
Which is your book?
14. This is our house. (Use 'Whose')
Whose house is this?
15. She is ten years old. (Ask a question using 'How')
How old is she?
16. Yes, she did her work well. (Ask a question using 'Did')
Did she do her work well?
17. No, they are not my friends. (Put a question using 'Are')
Are they your friends?
18. Yes, my mother speaks Assamese at home. (Frame a question using 'Does')
Does your mother speak Assamese at home?
19. The rose is beautiful, isn't it?
20. He doesn't know me, does he?

Type IV

Use of Question Words:

Q. Ask a question to get the underlined part as your answer.

1. My brother has bought the gold ring for me.
Who has bought the gold ring for you?
2. The headmaster distributed the prizes.
What did the headmaster distribute?
3. The train left the station at 10 PM
When did the train leave the station?
4. She is fine now.
How is she now?
5. The Chief Minister inaugurated the programme.
Who inaugurated the programme?

Type V

Use of Auxiliaries:

Q. Ask questions to get the following as your answers/Turn into interrogative/Make it interrogative.

1. No, the doctor hasn't arrived.
Has the doctor arrived?
2. Yes, there is a canteen in the college.
Is there a canteen in the college?
3. Yes, I have done the work.
Have you done the work?
4. No, there is no one inside the house.
Is there any one inside the house?
5. Yes, she called me by my name.
Did she call you by your name?
6. Yes, I am going home.
Are you going home?
7. Yes, they want to meet him?
Do they want to meet him?
8. No, he will not come tomorrow.
Will they come tomorrow?
9. No, he was not present in the meeting?
Was he present in the meeting?
10. No, she did not help me?
Did she help you?
11. Yes, Ravi has done the work.
Has Ravi done the work?
12. Yes, Amrita wants to visit Assam.
Does Amrita want to visit Assam?
13. My father is a teacher.
Is your father a teacher?
14. My father walks every morning.
Does your father walk every morning?
15. He came to school yesterday.
Did he come to school yesterday?

Type VI

Use of Question Tags:

For more exercises on question tags,

Q. Add a suitable question tag.

1. You like playing, don't you?
2. He is a good boy, isn't he?
3. I am a student, aren't I?
4. Please explain the lesson, will you?
5. Rita gets up early, doesn't she?


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