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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Class 10 : English Vocabulary : HSLC Exam Solutions

SEBA HSLC Class 10 Exam Questions on Vocabulary Solved with Additional Practice Questions at the End.



Q. Fill in the blanks with the right alternative.

1. HSLC EXAM 1998

a. Today the weather of Shillong is pleasant. (weather/climate)
b. Both the parties came to an amicable settlement. (amicable/amiable)

2. HSLC EXAM 1999

a. My warnings had no effect on the boy. (affect/effect)
b. He couldn't adapt himself to the new situation. (adopt/adapt)

3. HSLC EXAM 2000

a. He has easy access to the ministers. (access/excess)
b. Hundreds of soldiers were wounded in the battle. (wounded/injured)

4. HSLC EXAM 2001

a. The sale in my shop is not good today. (sell/sale)
b. He speaks good English. (says/speaks)

5. HSLC EXAM 2002

a. It is not proper to look through an open window. (see/look)
b. His parents' warnings had no effect on him. (affect/effect)

6. HSLC EXAM 2003

a. The old man knew that his death was imminent. (imminent/eminent)
b. Several boats sank in the river during the storm. (drowned/sank)

7. HSLC EXAM 2004

a. I wish I had taken your advice. (wish/hope)
b. He will leave for England shortly. (recently/shortly)

8. HSLC EXAM 2005

a. August 15 is a historic day for the Indians. (historic/historical)
b. He will lose marks for his illegible handwriting. (eligible/illegible)

9. HSLC EXAM 2006

a. An eminent writer was invited as the chief guest. (eminent/imminent)
b. A man of principle is respected by all. (principal/principle)

10. HSLC EXAM 2007

a. My advice had little effect on the boy. (affect/effect)
b. He was loved by all for his amiable nature. (amiable/amicable)

11. HSLC EXAM 2008

a. His handwriting is illegible. (eligible/illegible)
b. Nobody likes your childish behavior. (childlike/childish)

12. HSLC EXAM 2009

a. The woman narrated the incident briefly. (shortly/briefly)
b. Her father was an eminent physician. (eminent/imminent)

13. HSLC EXAM 2010

a. Our family deals in dairy products. (diary/dairy)
b. He became popular because of his amiable nature. (amiable/amicable)
c. The lady could not thread the needle because of her poor eyesight. (old age/weak health/poor eyesight)
d. She doesn't read newspapers as she can't read. (watches TV/can't read/ has no time) 

14. HSLC EXAM 2011

Q. Frame sentences using any one pair of the following to show their difference in meaning

a. lose - loose
b. rise-raise
c. sight-site

Lose: I have lost my pen.
Loose: He always wears loose fitting dresses.
Rise: The price of petrol is rising day by day.
Raise: You should not raise this question now.
Sight: He visited Shillong to see the sights there.
Site: This site is reserved for the construction of a government school.

15. HSLC EXAM 2012

a. eligible-illegible
b. accept-except
c. altar-alter

Eligible: He is eligible for this post.
Illegible: His handwriting is illegible.
Accept: He has accepted my proposal.
Except: Our school is open every day except Sunday.
Altar: Offerings were placed on the altar.
Alter: He has altered so much that I couldn't recognize him.

16. HSLC EXAM 2013

a. diary-dairy
b. effect-affect
c. site-cite

Diary: He writes a diary every day.
Dairy: His father deals in dairy products.
Effect: My advice has no effect on her.
Affect: The strike has affected the economy.
Site: We have already chosen a new site for the building.
Cite: He cited an example to prove his point.

17. HSLC EXAM 2014

a. Principal-principle
b. site-cite
c. adopt-adapt

Principal: Mr Roy is the principal of our college.
Principle: My father is a man of principle.
Site: The labourers are working on the construction site.
Cite: Don't cite irrelevant instances while talking.
Adopt: We adopted a girl child last year.
Adapt: He can easily adapt himself to any situation.

18. HSLC EXAM 2015

a. The Brahmaputra has changed its course. (coarse/course)
b. Sankardeva was an eminent scholar. (eminent/imminent)

19. HSLC EXAM 2016

a. My warning had no effect on the boy. (affect/effect)
b. He refused to accept the money. (denied/refused)

20. HSLC EXAM 2017

a. Rose smells sweet. (sweetly/sweet)
b. Her handwriting is illegible. (illegible/eligible)

21. HSLC EXAM 2018

a. Mr John will come to Guwahati shortly. (recently/shortly)
b. Popular criticism has no effect on the politicians. (effect/affect)

22. HSLC EXAM 2019

a. She narrated the matter briefly. (shortly/briefly)
b. Please listen to what he says. (listen/hear)

23. HSLC EXAM 2020

a. The tiger was a beast of prey. (pray/prey)
b. This medicine will relieve you of your pain. (relief/relieve)

Some Additional Practice Questions Solved:

1. He is very dear to me. (dear/deer)
2. I hear the sound often.(here/hear)
3. He has a shop in the village. (shop/soap)
4. I saw a flock of sheep. (ship/sheep)
5. Everybody wants to live in peace. (piece/peace)
6. It was a slip of the tongue. (sleep/slip)
7. She gave birth to a male child. (birth/berth)
8. The child was borne on her shoulder. (born/borne)
9. The soldiers fought with cannon. (canon/cannon)
10. He has a bright academic career. (carrier/career)
11. Put a comma here. (coma/comma)
12. I accept your counsel. (council/counsel)
13. We paid final tributes to the deceased man. (diseased/deceased)
14. We should be economical in our habits. (economic/economical)
15. I got my bike insured. (ensured/insured)
16. He has an agricultural farm there. (farm/firm)
17. Write a foreword to the book. (foreword/forward)
18. This story is imaginary. (imaginary/imaginative)
19. Keep quiet. (quite/quiet)
20. He was filled with wonder. (wander/wonder)


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