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Preposition Questions and Answers: Class 12 HS Exam Assam: General English and Alternative English

Preposition Exercises for Assam Class 12 HS Examination from RG's Question Bank.

General English 2013 to 2020

Alternative English 2007 to 2020

Q. Fill in the blanks below with suitable prepositions.

General English

HS Exam 2013

1. We informed the police of/about the theft in the house.
2. The children were looking forward to their visit to Shillong.
3. I spoke to her at the office.
4. Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night ?
5. The girl standing between the two boys is their sister.
6. Flour is made from wheat.

HS Exam 2014

1. The train arrived at the station a minute ago.
2. My birthday is on 24 August.
3. The office is closed on the second and fourth Saturdays.
4. Our school is at Chandmari.
5. We have been staying at/in a hotel near the bus stop.
6. The girl standing between the boys is their sister.

HS Exam 2015

1. I have heard a lot about you from your class teacher.
2. His father is a principal of a school in Jorhat.
3. Please sit down for a few minutes.
4. Tom is addicted to gambling.
5. Don't be afraid of telling the truth.
6. Sheila is proud of her beauty.

HS Exam 2016

1. The train arrived at the platform a minute ago.
2. The children were looking forward to their visit to Kaziranga.
3. I have to finish this report by tonight.
4. The girl standing between the two boys is their sister.
5. Douglas jumped into the swimming pool.
6. The office is closed on the second and fourth Saturdays.

HS Exam 2017

1. I met him on the road.
2. I congratulate you on your success.
3. John was annoyed with his mother.
4. The work should be finished by next Friday.
5. We are not interested in your story.
6. He was frightened of the noise.

HS Exam 2018

1. He is fond of playing cards.
2. She was annoyed at missing the bus.
3. Who is responsible for breaking this mirror?
4. We tried to dissuade her from marrying an old man.
5. They are thinking of moving to another house.

HS Exam 2019

1. What is the time by your watch now?
2. The students of this college have free access to the principal.
3. You should take proper care of your books.
4. A sage has no desire for material wealth.
5. India is rich in minerals.
6. He is very particular about his health.
7. I did that without any malice towards you.

HS Exam 2020

1. The ship is sailing towards the shore.
2. Cut the rope with a knife.
3. I am taller than you by two inches.
4. There was a bridge over the river.
5. We depend on you.
6. He begged for help from me.
7. I do not believe in his honesty.

Alternative English

HS Exam 2007

1. Respond to the roll-call.
2. Get rid of your bad habit.
3. She burst into tears at the sight of her son's misery.
4. I shall call on you tomorrow.
5. The union has decided to call off the strike.
6. I prohibited him from going there.
7. He was astonished at your courage.
8. They accorded a grand reception to the leader.

HS Exam 2008

1. He took advantage of my absence.
2. He has great affection for me.
3. What he has said is based on the truth.
4. The examination will commence on the 5th of March.
5. He is confident of his success.
6. You are a disgrace to our society.
7. I never expected this from him.
8. Do not judge a thing by its appearance.

HS Exam 2009

1. Even the children fell at the news of his death.
2. I went to the station to see off my friend.
3. I am listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
4. Butter is made from milk.
5. Don't take me for a fool.
6. Your brown shirt does not go with black trousers.
7. Why are you envious of his intelligence?
8. China is to the north of India.

HS Exam 2010

1. His new move has proved adverse to his position.
2. The Chief Minister seems to be aware of the corruptions of his colleagues.
3. He burst into laughing at my story.
4. He has been exempted from the fine.
5. I had a dispute with him on that matter.
6. There is no use grumbling about what you did to me.
7. I am involved in debt.

HS Exam 2011

1. The table is made of wood.
2. He is prohibited from entering the hall.
3. The teacher asked them to respond to their roll calls.
4. They congratulated him on his success.
5. She prefers tea to coffee.
6. The ship is bound for England.
7. His father was born on 15th August, 1947.

HS Exam 2012

1. He was charged with theft.
2. The child died of hunger.
3. I differ with you on this point.
4. I am going to Delhi by air.
5. He is playing with my patience.
6. He prides himself in his wealth.
7. Why should you object to my doing the work?
8. He stood beside the window.

HS Exam 2013

1. It rained continuously for twenty four hours.
2. You must be home by ten O'clock
3. My grandparents will come on Sunday.
4. There is no sugar in the pot.
5. He spoke to me in English.
6. He trembled with anger.
7. We usually have breakfast at eight O'clock.
8. It is not good to boast of wealth.

HS Exam 2014

1. He is on his way to college.
2. He comes of a good family.
3. Your application is under consideration.
4. All the trains are running on time.
5. You must have respect for your elders.
6. He shouted in a loud voice.
7. This building was destroyed by an earthquake.
8. The examination is at hand.

HS Exam 2015

1. He could not come on account of illness.
2. In spite of hard work, he failed in his examination.
3. The boat goes across the river.
4. He promised me a ride on a motorcycle.
5. Zubin had to sing many of his popular songs on demand.
6. We love to go for a walk in the evening.
7. I would like to pay the amount by cheque.
8. Many people died of Ebola in Nigeria.

HS Exam 2016

1. The cat has licked the cream off the jug.
2. My house is by the side of the post office.
3. The bird on that tree is a painted stork.
4. The dog dived into the bed at the sound of the Diwali crackers.
5. Aditya dived from the springboard into the pool.
6. You must never hop from a moving train.
7. All the time while dad fussed around, the pen was in his pocket.
8. The children laughed in glee to see the monkeys in their cage.

HS Exam 2017

1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
2. Seeing the lion, the leopard ran towards the tree.
3. The rangers drove the rhino into the enclosure.
4. I have left your watch in the drawer.
5. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
6. He dived into the swimming pool.
7. I had just a few coins left in my pocket.
8. The grocer's shop is just two blocks from the road.

HS Exam 2018

1. His flight is at 10.30 AM
2. The cow jumped over the moon.
3. The cat licked the cream off the plate in minutes.
4. The boy stood on the burning deck.
5. The moon is walking slowly in the night sky.
6. He seems to have a finger in every pie.
7. I have kept your phone in the drawer.
8. You must never jump from a running bus.

HS Exam 2019

1. He is senior to me in respect of age.
2. The cat ran after the mouse.
3. The proposal is under consideration.
4. I am disappointed with you.
5. Please don't interrupt me while I am speaking.
6. Rini has recovered from her illness.
7. We saw a wounded tiger while passing through the forest.
8. In many countries people drive on the left.

HS Exam 2020

1. I credit him with good sense.
2. There cannot be any compromise on this issue.
3. I am anxious about the result.
4. Be true to your word.
5. Richa prevented him from going.
6. You may rely on my word.
7. He is senior to me in service.
8. We wondered at his ignorance.


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