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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Make Sentences with Verb Phrases | Class 10 | SEBA HSLC Question Bank

Q. Make sentences with the following verb phrases.

1. HSLC 1998

Take Over (take charge of): Mr. Dutta has taken over as principal of the college.

As Well As (in addition to) I talked to John as well as his friends.

Come Round (recover): The patient will come round soon.

No Sooner --- Than (immediately after): Noon sooner had he finished the work than it began to rain.

Fall Out (quarrel): He has fallen out with his brother.

In No Time (very quickly): He completed his homework in no time.

Hand Over (give something): He handed over the money to me.

2. HSLC 1999

Make Good (compensate for): They made good the loss.

For Good (permanently): He left India for good.

Neither --- Nor (not both): She is neither beautiful nor intelligent.

Run Over (hit someone with a car): The child was run over by the truck.

At Times (sometimes): He sings Hindi songs at times.

As Soon As (immediately after one action): As soon as I deboarded the bus, I saw him.

3. HSLC 2000

In no time (very quickly): We took lunch in no time.

Bring up (take care of someone until he is grown up): Sankardeva was brought up by his grandmother.

Pass Away (die): He passed away in 1998.

Set Up (establish): We set up an LP School in this village.

As Soon As (immediately after one action): As soon as I reached home, it began to rain.

None But (only): None but he can disrespect you.

4. HSLC 2002

In Black and White (in writing): Submit your grievances in black and white.

Get Rid Of (free oneself from): It is difficult to get rid of mosquitoes.

Turn Up (arrive): All the guests have already turned up.

Stand By (help): They have promised to stand by me in case of trouble.

Break Out (start suddenly): COVID-19 has broken out in the whole village.

Take Down (write down): I have taken down your phone number.

5. HSLC 2003

Look Into (investigate): The police will look into the matter.

Look After (take care of): She looks after her old mother.

By Fits and Starts (irregularly): Don't study by fits and starts.

At a Loss (puzzled): He was at a loss before the teacher.

So Far As (to the extent that): So far as I know, he is a gentle man.

6. HSLC 2004

Keep Back (hide): She somehow kept back her tears.

Take to One's Bed (stay in bed due to illness): He took to his bed for a week with fever.

On Account Of (because of): I could not attend school on account of illness.

Look Down Upon (hate): Don't look down upon the poor.

Take Heart (take courage): Take heart, you will recover soon.

See Off (go to say goodbye): I went to the station to see off my brother.

7. HSLC 2005

Get Off (deboard): He got off the bus.

Set Up (establish): This school was set up in 1999.

Run Over (hit someone with a car and pass over their body): He was run over by an auto rickshaw.

Call On (visit someone): He called on the teacher yesterday.

Make Up (invent an explanation): He made up a story to cover his fault.

8. HSLC 2006

Call In (ask someone to come and help): Please call in a doctor.

Take Over (take charge): He will take over as the next principal of the college.

Look Into (investigate): The government is looking into the case.

Give Away (donate): He gave away half his salary.

Fall Out (quarrel): Don't fall out with your friends.

9. HSLC 2007

Run Over (hit and pass over someone with a car): The bus ran over a dog.

Turn Down (reject): His proposal was turned down.

Send for (request someone to come): Please send for the doctor.

Bring Up (raise a child until it is an adult): It is difficult to bring up two children with this salary.

Get Through (succeed in an exam/competition): He will get through the exam easily.

Tell Upon (affect badly): Smoking has told  upon his health.

10. HSLC 2008

Look Into (investigate): The police have already looked into the cause of his death.

Make Out (understand): I can not make out what you say.

In No Time (very quickly): We'll reach home in no time.

As Soon As (immediately following an action): We reached the school as soon as the bell rang.

Look Down Upon (hate): We should not look down upon the disabled.

11. HSLC 2009

Send For (request someone to come): He is going to send for the doctor.

Tell Upon (affect badly): Drinking is slowly taking upon his health.

Turn Up (arrive): Many of the guests could not turn up due to heavy rain.

Run Over (hit and pass over someone with a car): The cow was run over by the train.

Put Up (hang): The notice was put up on the wall.

12. HSLC 2010

Break Down (overthrow): The dissenters are trying to bring down the government.

Give Away (donate): He gave away all his money.

Look After (take care of): The old man has none to look after him.

Call On (visit someone): Call on the doctor on the way.

Sit For (take an exam): He is sitting for his B.A. Final exam this year.

13. HSLC 2011

Come About (happen): How did the accident come about?

Give Up (stop): He has given up smoking.

For Good (permanently): He has left India for good.

Black Sheep (worthless person): He is a black sheep of our family.

14. HSLC 2012

Nook and Corner (every part of a place): I looked for him in every nook and corner of the city.

Of Late (recently): He has read a lot of books of late.

With A View To (with the aim of): I am going to Guwahati with a view to meeting my school friends.

Look After (take care of): I have none to look after me here.

15. HSLC 2013

Null And Void (invalid): The act is now null and void.

By Dint Of (by means of): He achieved success by dint of hard work.

With Flying Colours (with great success): He passed the exam with flying colours.

All In All (on the whole): All in all, it was a great performance.

16. HSLC 2014

Look Into (investigate): This matter has not yet been looked into.

Call Off (cancel): The meeting has been called off.

Get Rid Of (free oneself from): I am not yet able to get rid of the problem.

17. HSLC 2015

In Order To (with the aim of): I went there in order to attend a meeting.

All In All (on the whole): All in all, it was a great success.

Now And Then (occasionally): He visits us now and then.

At Large (not yet captured): The criminal is still at large.

18. HSLC 2016

Bring Up (take care of someone until they are mature): The child is being brought up by its grandmother.

Look For (search): I am looking for a book.

Give Up (stop): They gave up their efforts midway.

Look After (take care of): The sons of today do not look after their old parents.

19 . HSLC 2017

Give Away (donate): We gave away lots of money for the temple.

Far And Wide (over a large area): His fame spread far and wide.

Put Out (blow out): Please put out the candle.

Turn Up (arrive): His friends did not turn up at the party.

20. HSLC 2018

Run Over (hit someone with a vehicle): The taxi ran over an old man.

Deal In (buy and sell): He deals in tea.

Carry Out (fulfill): He is carrying out his mother's orders.

In Order To (with the aim of): They came here in order to consult the doctor.

21. HSLC 2019

Far And Wide (over a large area): People came from far and wide to attend the function.

Break Out (start suddenly): Fire broke out in the market today.

Give Up (stop): You should give up drinking.

Fall Out (quarrel): Why are you falling out with your own brothers?

22. HSLC 2020

Make Out (understand): I could not make out what the teacher was saying.

Give Away (donate): Don't give away everything you have.

Deal In (buy and sell): His brother deals in grocery.

Carry Out (fulfill): We should carry out the order of our teacher.

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