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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Word Order | Jumbled Words | Class 9 | SEBA English Grammar

Q. Rearrange the jumbled words to make meaningful sentences:

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1. Carry many it can passengers.

Ans: It can carry many passengers.

2. Bed roses life of not a is.

Ans: Life is not a bed of roses.

3. Earth of heaven Kashmir the is called.

Ans: Kashmir is called the heaven of earth.

4. Heart with honest prayers be offered should.

Ans: Prayers should be offered with honest heart.

5. Please your dictionary me lend.

Ans: Please lend me your dictionary.

6. Vast country is a India.

Ans: India is a vast country.

7. Your elders always respect.

Ans: Always respect your elders.

8. Pandemic COVID-19 a is.

Ans: COVID-19 is a pandemic.

9. Sacred the book a Ramayana is Hindus of the.

Ans: The Ramayana is a sacred book of the Hindus.

10. In 1947 independence got its India.

Ans: India got its independence in 1947.

11. Narendra Modi of India is the Prime Minister.

Ans: Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India.

12. Person has the boldly work the done.

Ans: The person has done the work boldly.

13. Best policy is the honesty.

Ans: Honesty is the best policy.

14. Downwards flows water.

Ans: Water flows downwards.

15. Me taller than she is.

Ans: She is taller than me.

16. Brahmaputra mighty the Assam flows through.

Ans: The mighty Brahmaputra flows through Assam.

17. Looking I for house him found new a.

Ans: I found him looking for a new house.

18. Very important health is for water clean.

Ans: Clean water is very important for health.

19. 2050 year may get flooded by our the earth.

Ans: Our earth may get flooded by the year 2050.

20. Populations the young ruling in India the corporations soon will be.

Ans: Soon the young populations will be ruling the corporations in India.

21. Of tiger six species still in existence there are.

Ans: There are six species of tiger still in existence.

22. Animal stories like the young very much.

Ans: The young like animal stories very much.

23. Such themes is this timeless are because.

Ans: This is because such themes are timeless.

24. As some sports people easy very consider.

Ans: Some people consider sports as very easy.

25. To he school yesterday came.

Ans: He came to school yesterday.

26. I your highness hope me do the favor will.

Ans: I hope your highness will do me the favor.

27. Hard to realize struggled her dream she.

Ans: She struggled hard to realize her dream.

28. Gets 10-15 truck loads of Delhi tender coconuts daily.

Ans: Delhi gets 10-15 truck loads of tender coconuts daily.

29. Finally them he asked to retreat.

Ans: Finally he asked them to retreat.

30. The find murderer who out real is.

Ans: Find out who the real murderer is.

31. Part this study tour of their was.

Ans: This tour was part of their study.

32. Busy own activities always was her she with.

Ans: She was always busy with her own activities.

33. Report Annual the by read was principal week college was the on.

Ans: The Annual Report was read by the Principal on the College Week.

34. Came months he for eight to teach me.

Ans: He came to teach me for eight months.

35. Very poor subjects in these I was earlier.

Ans: Earlier I was very poor in these subjects.

36. Very now proficient in them have become I.

Ans: I have now become very proficient in them.

37. He to went to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Ans: He went to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple.

38. On river Guwahati the stands Brahmaputra bank of the

Ans: Guwahati stands on the bank of the river Brahmaputra.

39. I have no for business aptitude.

Ans: I have no aptitude for business.

40. The saw I boy in the shop.

Ans: I saw the boy in the shop.

41. Was the room why dark very small?

Ans: Why was the small room very dark?

42. Please your book lend you will me.

Ans: Will you please lend me your book?

43. Must apologize you misconduct your for.

Ans: You must apologize for your misconduct.

44. India everyone duty expects his to do

Ans: India expects everyone to do his duty.

45. He livelihood to earn his has to hard work.

Ans: He has to work hard to earn his livelihood.

46. There never without go you should my permission.

Ans: You should never go there without my permission.

47. A Country secular is India.

Ans: India is a secular country.

48. The earth of moon is a satellite the.

Ans: The moon is a satellite of the earth.

49. Does me more I her love than he

Ans: I love her more than he does.

50. Colombus was discovered America by.

Ans: America was discovered by Colombus.


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