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Story Writing for Class 10 HSLC Exam

Story Writing for SEBA Class 9, Class 10

Write a story with the help of the following outline and give a suitable title to it.

1. Outline: Twelve fools start on a journey ... cross a river ... count themselves ... each, not counting himself ... counts eleven ... a passerby agrees to produce the lost man ... gives each fool a blow ... counts twelve. 

HSLC 1996, 2001, 2018

Twelve Fools and The Wise Man

One day, twelve fools set out on a long journey to attend a marriage ceremony. They came across a river on the way. As there was no boat or ship, they had to swim across the river. On crossing the river, they wanted to make sure that all of them had reached the other side of the river safely. They decided to count themselves. Each of them counted only eleven, leaving himself. They sat down and began to weep thinking that one of them had been drowned in the river. A stranger happened to pass by that way. He came towards them. They told him the whole story. He promised to produce the lost man. He gave each one of them a blow and counted twelve. As they heard the blows, they were satisfied that they were now twelve, not eleven. They thanked the passerby again and again and resumed their journey.

Moral: Danger is sometimes the result of foolishness.

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2. Outline: A hungry fox ... sees a crow with a piece of meat ... wishes to have the piece ... praises the crow ... asks the crow to sing ... the crow sings ... the piece falls down ... the fox picks it up and walks away.

HSLC 1999, 2016, 2020

The Cunning Fox And The Stupid Crow

One day, a fox felt hungry. It was wandering in search of food. It came across a crow which was sitting on a tree with a piece of meat in its beak. The cunning fox wished to have the piece. It thought of a plan. It began to flatter the crow, "Your voice is so sweet. My father told me he used to listen to your song. If I could listen too."

The crow felt pleased with the flattery. It opened its mouth to sing. The piece of meat fell from its mouth. As soon as the piece of meat fell, the cunning fox picked it up and ran away.

Moral: Never believe a stranger fully.

3. Outline: A railway bridge gives away during heavy rain ... a train approaching ... a boy sees the train . stands on the track ... ignores the warning whistles ... waves his shirt ... prevents the accident ... rewarded for his bravery.

HSLC 2003, 2008

A School Boy Averts A Train Accident

Abinash, a class VIII student was going to school. He had to cross a railway track on the way. As he reached the railway track, he noticed that the night long heavy rain had damaged the railway bridge. He was wondering if this would trigger an accident. Just at that moment, he saw a train approaching the bridge. Soon he stood on the track, took off his shirt and began to wave it. He continued to ignore the warning whistles of the train. The train halted. The driver got off the train and saw the damaged bridge.

The boy's presence of mind and bravery averted the accident. The Department of Railways rewarded the boy for his bravery.

Moral: Presence of Mind Always Pays.

4. Outline: A car hits an old man and escapes ... he is injured badly ... crowd gather on the spot ... only show sympathy ... they speak about the evil of rash driving ... nobody comes forward to help the injured man ... two school boys arrive ... feel sorry for the old man ... take him to hospital.


5. A speedy car hit an old man ... escaped ... the man was injured grievously ... people gathered ... showed sympathy to the man ... spoke about the evils of rash driving ... no one bothered to help the man ... two school boys arrived ... took the injured to the nearest hospital.

HSLC 2006, 2017, 2019

Two Little Boys Save An Old Man

Jogesh, an old man aged seventy five lived in a suburb adjacent to a small town. Every morning, he would go for a morning walk. One day as he was having a morning walk, a speedy car coming from the opposite direction hit him. He was injured and fell on the road. He was suffering badly. A lot of people gathered on the spot but none of them came to his rescue. They only showed sympathy by talking big. They lectured on the evils of rash driving. Two little boys who were passing by that road saw the suffering man. They immediately called an ambulance. The old man was taken to hospital. He recovered from injuries soon. He then visited the two boys and expressed gratitude as they saved his life.

Moral: Presence of mind is a great quality.

6. Outline: A rickshaw puller returns home at night ... finds a purse in his rickshaw ... opens it ... a lot of money and card with owner's name ... immediately returns it ... offered a reward ... rickshaw puller declines saying ... I have only done my duty.

HSLC 2005

An Honest Rickshaw Puller

Jamal Uddin was very poor. But he was very honest and hard working. He worked as a rickshaw puller to earn his livelihood and maintain his family. One night as he returned home, he discovered a purse, a mobile phone and a visiting card with the owner's name on it. The purse also contained an amount of ten thousand rupees. He could easily understand that the purse and the mobile phone belonged to the passenger he had just dropped in the market.

He immediately left for the market and searched for the man he had dropped at the market. The visiting card with the owner's name printed on it helped him to find the man. He stretched his hand with the purse and the phone to the man. The man and his family became extremely happy with his honesty. They thanked him a lot and offered him some monetary rewards. But the rickshaw puller refused to accept the rewards saying, "It's my duty. I've only done my duty".

Moral: Honesty is the best policy.

7. Outline: A fox falls into a well ... cannot get out ... a goat comes that way ... the fox praises the sweetness of the water ... invites the goat to come down and taste it ... foolish goat jumps down ... the fox leaps upon the goat's head ... jumps out ... the goat remains behind to die.

HSLC 2010

The Cunning Fox and The Stupid Goat

One day a fox felt very thirsty. He was looking for water here and there. He came across a well in the forest. He jumped into the well and drank water. But he couldn't get out of it. He had to stay there the whole night. The next morning, a thirsty goat came near the well and peeped into it. She asked,"What are you doing here, Mr Fox?". The fox said, "I came here to drink its water. The water here is so sweet. I've never before tasted water like this. Please come in and taste the water". The stupid goat jumped immediately into the well to taste its water. As soon as she jumped in, the fox leaped on its head and got out of the well. The goat was stuck inside the well.

Moral: Always think before you act.

8. Outline: A young man applies for a post ... is told 'no vacancy' ... he notices a pin lying near the floor ... picks it up ... proves to be highly careful ... he gets a job.

HSLC 2000

An Honest Job Seeker

Abdul Karim was an MA in English. He was a very honest boy. He was looking for a job desperately but couldn't manage one. One day he visited a big farm in the town with his curriculum vitae. But the manager of the farm told him that there was no vacancy at the moment. He was leaving the office of the farm when he saw a pin lying near the door. He picked it up, cleaned it well and put it back on the table. He then came out of the door. The manager saw what Abdul Karim had done. He was highly satisfied with Abdul's careful nature. He called him back and offered him the post of Supervisor in the farm.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy.

9. Outline: The lion, Kings of beasts ... kills many animals ... all animals terrified ... hold a meeting ... decide to send one animal to the lion everyday ... lion agrees ... the turn of the hare ... arrives late ... tells there is another lion in the forest ... wanted to seize and kill him ... hare takes the lion to a deep well ... the lion sees his reflection ... thinks there is another lion in the well ... jumps in.

HSLC 2015

The Lion and The Hare

Once there lived a heartless lion in a forest. He killed lots of animals everyday. The animals had to live in the constant fear of being killed. They were extremely terrified. One day, they held a meeting in the forest to solve the problem. They decided that they would send one animal to the lion everyday. They visited the lion and informed him,

"Sir, for the greater interest of the animals in this forest, we've decided to send one animal to you for your prey everyday. We shall come to you by ourselves and you don't have to take the trouble of hunting everyday."

The lion agreed. Now the animals could live in peace. Everyday one animal would go to the lion and the lion would eat it. One-day it was the turn of a hare. The hare thought and thought for a long time and made a plan. He went late to the lion. The lion was very angry with the hare for its late arrival. The lion roared, "Why are you so late?"

The hare said, "Sir, I came early but another lion attacked me on the way. I somehow managed to come here".

The hare then led the lion to a well and said that the other lion lived in that well. As the lion looked into the well, it mistook its own reflection to be another lion and jumped there. All the animals of the forest were now saved.

Moral: A brain is mightier than a sword.

10. Outline: A rich man's watch stolen by one of the servants ... gives each servant a stick of equal length ... saying the thief's stick will grow an inch tomorrow ... thief cuts an inch from the stick ... is caught.

A Stupid Thief

There lived a rich man in a village. He had many servants in his house. One day he discovered that his watch was missing. He understood that it must have been stolen by one of his servants. He asked all the servants about the watch. None confessed the theft. He made a plan to find out the thief. He gave each servant a stick of equal length in the evening. He declared that these sticks were all magic sticks. He told the servants that if anyone had stolen the watch, his stick would grow an inch longer during the night. The servant who stole the watch could not sleep the whole night. He became restless. Out of fear, he cut short his stick by an inch. The next morning, the rich man collected the sticks and easily discovered the thief.

Moral: Dishonesty cannot be hidden.


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