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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Class 12 HS Exam: Question Tags Exercises with Answers

Exercises on Question Tags Solved from HS (AHSEC) Exam Questions of Alternative English for the years 2007-2020

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Fill in the gaps with question tags.

HS Exam 2007

1. She did not go to school yesterday, did she ?

2. Nobody came to meet him at the station, did they ?

3. You like a lot of sugar in your milk, don't you ?

4. You are coming to school, aren't you ?

5. They will come here, won't they ?

6. Close the door, will you ? Or

won't you ?

7. Don't go there, will you ?

HS Exam 2008

1. Everything has gone wrong today, hasn't it ?

2. Sachin shouldn't have played that shot, should he ?

3. Please leave me alone, will you ? Or

won't you ?

4. Vishwanathan Anand has become the world champion in Chess, hasn't he ?

5. Please don't disturb me, will you ?

6. You are coming to see my brother, aren't you ?

7. Dhoni led Team India to a great victory, didn't he ?

HS Exam 2009

1. You did not go home yesterday, did you ?

2. Ganguly has not been selected for Ranji Trophy, has he ?

3. The Prime Minister has congratulated Abhinav Bindra, hasn't he ?

4. Don't let him go, will you ?

5. She is singing like Lata Mangeshkar, isn't she ?

6. He should not leave his wife alone, should he ?

7. Kumble is the only bowler to take ten wickets in an innings, isn't he ?

HS Exam 2010

1. We should love our country, shouldn't we

2. He has hardly eaten anything, has he ?

3. My mother has a bath in the evening, doesn't she ?

4. I'll tell my father what you said, won't I ?

5. Close the door, will you ? Or

won't you ?

6. Everyone present there made a wild rush for the door, didn't they ?

7. Everything has gone wrong today, hasn't it ?

HS Exam 2011

1. He did not go to play today, did he ?

2. They went to play, didn't they ?

3. Please leave me alone, will you ? Or

won't you ?

4. You are going to watch the movie, aren't you ?

5. She could not answer him, could she ?

6. She speaks German well, doesn't she ?

7. You should have done this, shouldn't you ?

HS Exam 2012

1. We have plenty of time, haven't we ?

2. We saw no-one we knew, did we ?

3. A few people knew the answer, didn't they ?

4. I am reading a book, aren't I ?

5. Everything looked beautiful, didn't it ?

6. Please ask the girls to come in, will you ? Or

won't you ?

7. No one can stand against a woman's will, can they ?

8. Let us play cricket, shall we ?

HS Exam 2013

1. You like a lot of sugar in milk, don't you ?

2. Don't be late to dinner, will you ?

3. None of the labour arrived on time, did they ?

4. One can't be too careful about that, can they?

5. Please close the door, will you ? Or won't you ?

6. Sunidhi speaks French well, doesn't she ?

7. I am older than you, aren't I ?

8. She did not go home during the vacation, did she ?

HS Exam 2014

1. You can speak French, can't you ?

2. Ravi would like to go there, wouldn't he ?

3. Raju is not a good student, is he ?

4. You haven't read Shakespeare, have you ?

5. The captain did not agree to this, did he ?

6. Please ask the boys to come in, will you ? Or won't you ?

7. You are not angry with me, are you ?

8. No one appeared to be honest, did they ?

HS Exam 2015

1. She would not go home during holidays, would she ?

2. The captain did not agree to this, did he ?

3. Anyone could have done it, couldn't they ?

4. Let us have a cup of coffee now, shall we ?

5. There is no doctor in this village, is there ?

6. Please ask the boys to come in, will you ? Or won't you ?

7. None could tell the address, could they ?

8. He will let her go home tomorrow, won't he ?

HS Exam 2016

1. You are very intelligent, aren't you ?

2. He can finish the assignment by tomorrow, can't he ?

3. It is very cold today, isn't it ?

4. All students must wear their uniform, mustn't they ?

5. He hopes to win the competition, doesn't he ?

6. We will go for a picnic, won't we ?

7. The little white dog is wearing a red collar, isn't it ?

8. She is very stylish, isn't she ?

HS Exam 2017

1. The new five hundred rupee note is smaller than the old one, isn't it ?

2. Your house faces the river, doesn't it ?

3. We will go for the movie together, won't we ?

4. They are going to Gangtok on an excursion, aren't they ?

5. Rome wasn't built in a day, was it ?

6. Our winters are very pleasant, aren't they ?

7. You will show me your new bike, won't you ?

8. Your computer hasn't crashed, has it ?

HS Exam 2018

1. You are learning music, aren't you ?

2. They have been to Mumbai, haven't they ?

3. He can act very well, can't he ?

4. She is an expert Rollerblader, isn't she ?

5. Judy has just recovered from a bout of chickenpox, hasn't she ?

6. You could have done the work last week, couldn't you ?

7. Jio is going overboard with its offers, isn't it ?

8. Global warming is really affecting our winters, isn't it ?

HS Exam 2019

1. She is an excellent dancer, isn't she ?

2. Now you can make question tags, can't you ?

3. We are going to attend a party, aren't we ?

4. The house needs immediate repairing, doesn't it ?

5. I have not done my homework yet, have I ?

6. He kept his promise, didn't he ?

7. They will not be there, will they ?

8. Riyan has just arrived home, hasn't he ?

HS Exam 2020

1. Her garden is very beautiful, isn't it ?

2. Ridhi has just arrived from school, hasn't he ?

3. We will go to Shillong tomorrow, won't we ?

4. No man is immortal, are they ?

5. He is stronger than his brother, isn't he ?

6. She acted according to instructions, didn't she ?

7. I cannot do it without your help, can I ?

8. He tried with all his might, didn't he ?


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