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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

AHSEC HS Class 11 Tag Questions: Alternative English: Previous Years' Questions Solved

Q. Add tag questions to the following:

HS 2015

1. He travels a lot, doesn't he?

2. She will come for dinner, won't she?

3. He has come from Bangalore, hasn't he?

4. They enjoyed themselves, didn't they?

5. It is quite late, isn't it?

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HS 2016

1. Let's go, shall we?

2. I am right, aren't I?

3. It's not very warm today, is it?

4. Few people knew the answer, did they?

5. Let's go for a walk, shall we?

6. None of the food was wasted, was it?

HS 2017

1. Rahim can cope with the situation, can't he?

2. Ram knows that his father is in the hospital, doesn't he?

3. You weren't listening, were you?

4. I don't think anyone will volunteer, will they?

5. You have got a camera, haven't you?

6. Sita would like to get a scholarship, won't she?

7. He won't mind if I use his phone, will he?

HS 2018

1. You found your passport, didn't you?

2. They couldn't understand him, could they?

3. Neither of them complained, did they?

4. Everyone warned you, didn't they?

5. You can swim, can't you?

6. He is coming tomorrow, isn't he?

7. No salt is allowed, is it?

HS 2019

1. He won't mind if I use his laptop, will he?

2. She speaks English fluently, doesn't she?

3. The boy can play football, can't he?

4. Everyone liked the movie, didn't they?

5. You weren't listening, were you?

6. She has no interest in western music, has she?

7. Neither of them approached the principal, did they?

HS 2020

1. The patient can hardly take any solid food, can he?

2. Everyone joined the mission, didn't they?

3. The artist knows the way within, doesn't he?

4. We had not been given any opportunity, had we?

5. There will be a meeting tomorrow, won't there?

6. Add a question tag, will you?


won't you?

7. Let's plant saplings, shall we?