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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Adverb Error Correction Exercise

Q.  Correct the errors in the following sentences:

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1. He will speak shortly on the matter.

Ans: He will speak briefly on the matter.

2. He visited us shortly.

Ans: He visited us recently.

3. He will come here recently.

Ans: He will come here shortly.

4. He worked hardly.

Ans: He worked hard.

5. It's too hot today.

Ans: It's very hot today.

6. I am much sorry.

Ans: I am very sorry.

7. It's much cold today.

Ans: It's very cold today.

8. The horse is too tired.

Ans: The horse is very tired.

9. He is very poor to pay his fees.

Ans: He is too poor to pay his fees.

10. He is very weak to walk.

Ans: He is too weak to walk.

11. I am too pleased.

Ans: I am very pleased.

12. I don't know to speak English.

Ans: I don't know how to speak English.

13. He doesn't know to swim.

Ans: He doesn't know how to swim.

14. He runs fastly.

Ans: He runs fast.

15. He runs slow.

Ans: He runs slowly.

16. Go directly to the market.

Ans: Go direct to the market.

17. I am too glad to meet you.

Ans: I am very glad to meet you.

18. God is too kind to you.

Ans: God is very kind to you.

19. He is enough rich to buy the car.

Ans: He is rich enough to buy the car.

20. He is enough strong to run for miles.

Ans: He is strong enough to run for miles.

21. He is very taller than I.

Ans: He is much taller than I

22. I am very better today.

Ans: I am much better today.