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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Preposition Error Correction Exercise

Q.  Correct the errors in the following sentences:

(Read Errors of Conjunctions Here) 

1. I prefer walking than cycling.

Ans: I prefer walking to cycling.

2. He listens the music.

Ans: He listens to the music.

3. The opposite to increase is decrease.

Ans: The opposite of increase is decrease.

4. The shop is opposite to my house.

Ans: The shop is opposite my house.

5. He is capable to do the work.

Ans: He is capable of doing the work.

6. I go to school by foot.

Ans: I go to school on foot.

7. There is no solution of this problem.

Ans: There is no solution to this problem.

8. He is senior than me in office.

Ans: He is senior to me.

9. He is junior than me.

Ans: He is junior to me.

10. This cloth is superior than that.

Ans: This cloth is superior to that.

11. This book is inferior than that book.

Ans: This book is inferior to that book.

12. He repented for his misdeeds.

Ans: He repented of his misdeeds.

13. We discussed about the issue.

Ans: We discussed the issue.

14. The book describes about Indian marriages.

Ans: The book describes Indian marriages.

15. He has not yet heard about the story.

Ans: He has not yet heard the story.

16. He ordered for a cup of tea.

Ans: He ordered a cup of tea.

17. He failed at English.

Ans: He failed in English.

18. He resembles to his father.

Ans: He resembles his father.

19. He accompanied with us.

Ans: He accompanied us.

20. Don't enter into the room.

Ans: Don't enter the room.

21. He has been living here since two years.

Ans: He has been living here for two years.

22. She is blind in one eye.

Ans: She is blind of one eye.

23. He deals with tea.

Ans: He deals in tea.

24. He is pleased at me.

Ans: He is pleased with me.

25. He paid the money by cash.

Ans: He paid the money in cash.

26. He paid the money in cheque.

Ans: He paid the money by cheque.

27. He was accused with murder.

Ans: He was accused of murder.

28. Happiness consists of being truthful.

Ans: Happiness consists in being truthful.

29. This book consists in ten chapters.

Ans: This book consists of ten chapters

30. He is in good terms with me.

Ans: He is on good terms with me.

31. He died from malaria.

Ans: He died of malaria.

32. He died of overeating.

Ans: He died from overeating.

33. He died of his country.

Ans: He died for his country.

34. He died of the accident.

Ans: He died in the accident.

35. Do not jump at a conclusion.

Ans: Do not jump to a conclusion.

36. He will come after a week.

Ans: He will come in a week.

37. She was absent in the class.

Ans: She was absent from the class.

38. He prevented me to come.

Ans: He prevented me from coming.

39. We reached the station at time.

Ans: We reached the station in time.

40. The train left the station in time.

Ans: The train left the station on time.

41. I informed him the matter.

Ans: I informed him of the matter.

42. He availed himself the opportunity.

Ans: He availed himself of the opportunity.

43. I believe God.

Ans: I believe in God.

44. Cows live by grass.

Ans: Cows live on grass.

45. He is in that committee.

Ans: He is on that committee.

46. He is good in mathematics.

Ans: He is good at mathematics.

47. He was invited at the meeting.

Ans: He was invited to the meeting.

48. Flour is made of wheat.

Ans: Flour is made from wheat.

49. This table is made from wood.

Ans: This table is made of wood.

50. What is the time in your watch?

Ans: What is the time by your watch?