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AHSEC HS Class 11 | Pairs of Words | Difference Between Words | Alternative English

Frame sentences to illustrate the difference in meaning between the following Pairs of Words | Difference Between Similar Words | Vocabulary

HS 2006

1. Intimation: He sent intimation about the meeting.

Intimacy: I have no intimacy with him.

2. Goal: Everyone should have a goal in life.

Gaol: The prisoner is in the gaol now.

3. Eligible: He is eligible for the post.

Illegible: His handwriting is illegible.

4. Deference: He has no deference for his teacher.

Difference: What is the difference between the two?

HS 2007

1. Accept: He did not accept my proposal.

Except: Nobody except him attended the meeting.

2. Cite: Can you cite an example?

Site: This site is reserved for a club.

3. Eminent: He is an eminent scholar.

Imminent: He knew that his death was imminent.

4. Fare: I have paid the bus fare.

Fair: I bought the book from a book fair.

5. Principal: He is the principal of our college.

Principle: A man of principle is respected by all.

HS 2008

1. Career: He started his career as a teacher.

Carrier: My bicycle has no carrier.

2. Eligible: He is not eligible for this job.

Illegible: His handwriting is not illegible.

3. Patrol: The police are patrolling the streets.

Petrol: There is no petrol in the market today.

4. Advice: His advice greatly inspired me.

Advise: He advised me to study hard.

5. Pray: We prayed to God for strength.

Prey: The tiger is a beast of prey.

6. Refuse: He refused to help me.

Refuge: They took refuge in a temple for the night.

7. Register: His name was struck off the register.

Registrar: I met the University registrar today.

HS 2009

1. Fair: A fair will be held here during Durga Puja.

Fare: I have paid the train fare for him.

2. Diary: It is a good habit to write a diary.

Dairy: He deals in dairy products.

3. Principle: Everybody respects a man of principle.

Principal: Mr. Sarma is our principal.

4. Advice: His advice has no effect on the boy.

Advise: The teacher advised me on many occasions.

5. Adopt: We have adopted a girl child.

Adapt: He could adapt himself well to the new situation.

6. Full: The classroom is full.

Fool: He called me a fool.

7. Check: The teacher checked the answer scripts.

Cheque: They issued a cheque in my name.

HS 2010

1. Eligible: He is not eligible for lectureship.

Illegible: Your handwriting is illegible.

2. Pray: We should pray to God for her early recovery.

Prey: The lion is a beast of prey.

3. Principal: Mr H. Dutta is the principal of this college.

Principle: Life should be based on principles.

4. Quiet: Don't make noise. Keep quiet.

Quite: He is quite happy here.

5. Fair: There is a fair today.

Fare: The fare from Guwahati to Dibrugarh is too much.

6. Accept: All the members accepted my decision.

Except: He has none except the small boy to look after him.

7. Weak: He is very weak.

Week: He will come next week.

HS 2016

1. Poor: He is poor but honest.

Pour: He was pouring coffee into the cups.

2. Vain: All his efforts to pass the examination were in vain as the questions were too tough for him.

Vein: Human body has lots of veins.

3. Cereal: Cereals are very important for our body.

Serial: I enjoy the serial 'The Ramayana'.

4. Heard: I heard what he said.

Herd: I saw a herd of cows in the field.

5. Flew: The bird flew as soon as it saw the hunter.

Flu: This is the season when everyone is getting infected with flu.

HS 2017

1. Accept: Only SBI debit cards are accepted here.

Except: Our office is open on all days except Sunday.

2. Holy: The Bhagavad Gita is a holy book of the Hindus.

Wholly: I wholly support you.

3. Rain: He had reached home before the rain stopped.

Reign: The reign of the Ahoms lasted for 200 years.

4. Fair: A fair is held in our village during the Bihu.

Fare: What is the fair from Barpeta to Guwahati?

5. Band: I'll join the band as a musician.

Banned: The cinema was banned as it triggered communal violence.

6. Air: The air here is filled with dust.

Heir: He is the only heir to his father's property.

HS 2018

1. Meddle: You should not meddle in our family disputes.

Medal: He received a medal as a prize.

2. Sole: His sole aim in life was to help the poor.

Soul: The Gita acts as a guide to raise the soul to higher consciousness.

3. Idle: He sits idle all day.

Idol: He has always been the idol for the young students.

4. Coarse: This sweater is made of coarse cloth.

Course: He is pursuing a course in basic computer applications.

5. Main: Zubeen Garg is the main attraction of today's programme.

Mane: Lions have long mane.

6. Lessen: The medicine lessened my pain.

Lesson: I have not yet learnt the lesson.

HS 2019

1. Accept: He has accepted my application.

Except: There is no one except my mother in the house.

2. Refuge: They took refuge in a temple for the night.

Refuse: She refused my proposal of marriage.

3. Tamper: He must have tampered the files.

Temper: He loses his temper easily.

4. Loan: I have applied for a loan.

Lone: The lone passenger in the bus got down at the market.

5. Amiable: Everyone loves him for his amiable nature.

Amicable: Both the parties came to an amicable settlement.

6. Die: He died last year.

Dye: I have dyed my hair black.

HS 2020

1. Access: He has easy access to the officer.

Excess: Excess of everything is bad.

2. Fair: See above.

Fare: See above.

3. Device: Mobile phone is an electronic device.

Devise: We must devise some means to escape from here.

4. Walk: He goes for a walk in the morning.

Wake: He wakes up early in the morning.

5. Moral: Each story in this book has a moral.

Morale: The Prime Minister's speech boosted the morale of the Indian Army.

6. Jealous: You should not be jealous of anyone.

Zealous: Vivekananda was a very zealous reformer.

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