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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

AHSEC HS Class 11: Rearrange Words to Make Sentences

Assam HS First year Exam questions of 1999-2020 on reordering of jumbled words to make meaningful sentences.

Q. Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences:

HS 1999

1. larger is a motor car a bus than.
Ans: A bus is larger than a motor car.
2. carry many it can passengers.
Ans: It can carry many passengers.
3. along routes fixed it travels.
Ans: It travels along fixed routes.
4. it at points fixed picks passengers up and down sets.
Ans: It picks up and sets down passengers at fixed points.

HS 2000

1. was the room why dark very small?
Ans: Why was the small room very dark?
2. business own mind your.
Ans: Mind your own business.
3. please your dictionary me lend.
Ans: Please lend me your dictionary.
4. talking stop work and begin your.
Ans: Stop talking and begin your work.

HS 2001

1. called a cow is from beef meat the.
Ans: The meat from a cow is called beef.
2. warm Eskimos very clothes wear.
Ans: Eskimos wear very warm clothes.
4. on river Guwahati the stands Brahmaputra bank of the.
Ans: Guwahati stands on the bank of the river Brahmaputra.

HS 2002

1. are who this for you buying?
Ans: Who are you buying this for?
2. report annual the by read was principal week college the on.
Ans: The Annual Report was read by the Principal on College Week.
3. looking I for house him found new a.
Ans: I found him looking for a new house.

HS 2003

1. there never without go you should my permission.
Ans: You should never go there without my permission.
2. sacred the book a Ramayana is Hindus of the.
Ans: The Ramayana is a sacred book of the Hindus.
3. the time is best for picnics winter.
Ans: Winter is the best time for picnics.

HS 2004

1. my took umbrella is man who this the.
Ans: This is the man who took my umbrella.
2. person has the boldly work the done.
Ans: The person has done the work boldly.
3. mountain the highest is Everest world the in.
Ans: Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

HS 2005

1. the saw in boy I the shop.
Ans: I saw the boy in the shop.
2. an gave book he interesting me.
Ans: He gave me an interesting book.
3. please your book lend you will me?
Ans: Will you please lend me your book?

HS 2006

1. young the puppy one dog of a called is.
Ans: The young one of a dog is called puppy.
2. my camera took this who the man is.
Ans: This is the man who took my camera.
3. stone no gathers rolling a moss.
Ans: A rolling stone gathers no moss.
4. room in was nobody there the.
Ans: There was nobody in the room.

HS 2007

1. I saw a dead cow walking while I was in the garden.
Ans: I saw a dead cow while I was walking in the garden.
2. he to help the beggar refused.
Ans: He refused to help the beggar.
3. you the boy are looking for this is.
Ans: This is the boy you are looking for.
4. the saw on woman I the road.
Ans: I saw the woman on the road.

HS 2008

1. the ball on my head me hit made of which was rubber.
Ans: The ball which was made of rubber hit me on my head.
2. the far away railway is station.
Ans: The Railway Station is far away.
3. a wall of Mahatma Gandhi hangs on the portrait.
Ans: A portrait of Mahatma Gandhi hangs on the wall.
4. this monument is the memory has erected been of Mr. Smith who was shot by accidentally his brother as a mark of affection.
Ans: This monument has been erected in the memory of Mr. Smith as a mark of affection who was accidentally shot by his brother.

HS 2009

1. the water melon thirst quenchers in summer is one of the best.
Ans: The water melon is one of the best thirst quenchers in summer.
2. from the body fasting also removes poison.
Ans: Fasting also removes poison from the body.
3. in sky the twinkle the stars at night.
Ans: The stars twinkle in the sky at night.
4. the poor was among food distributed the.
Ans: The food was distributed among the poor.

HS 2010

1. had the question rang before last I finished the bell.
Ans: I had finished the question before the bell rang.
2. who lived a met cottage the they little old couple in.
Ans: They met the old couple who lived in a little cottage.

HS 2011

1. all gold is glitters that not.
Ans: All that glitters is not gold.
2. communication is of medium a the newspaper.
Ans: The newspaper is a medium of communication.

HS 2012

1. Physical exercise essential health good for is
Ans: Physical exercise is essential for good health.
2. And diseases take avoid daily exercise.
Ans: Take exercise daily and avoid diseases.
3. Discipline the life necessity of is
Ans: Discipline is the necessity of life.
4. Ideal life of his is good.
Ans: His ideal of life is good.
5. The station has at arrived train the.
Ans: The train has arrived at the station.

HS 2013

1. He stepped out had hardly it began when to rain.
Ans: He had hardly stepped out when it began to rain.
2. is expected to do everyman his duty.
Ans: Everyman is expected to do his duty.
3. the book out of print is you mentioned which
Ans: The book which you mentioned is out of print.
4. how you had at the interview done us let know
Ans: Let us know how you had done at the interview.

HS 2014

1. Playing football for an hour he had been I when his house reached.
Ans: When I reached his house, he had been playing for an hour.
2. he may get success is industrious since he.
Ans: Since he is industrious, he may get success.

HS 2015

1. He has yet not from returned school.
Ans: He has not yet returned from school.
2. Mahesh not know swim does to how.
Ans: Mahesh does not know how to swim.
3. are harmless to people most bats.
Ans: Most bats are harmless to people.
4. People along had up lined road the.
Ans: People had lined up along the road.

HS 2016

1. Slowly and we near silently the target moved.
Ans: Slowly and silently we moved near the target.
2. Talking please stop you will?
Ans: Will you please stop talking?

HS 2017

1. Shyam not know swim does to how.
Ans: Shyam does not know how to swim.
2. He came I had left after place the.
Ans: He came after I had left the place.

HS 2018

1. This is to see you who the person came last week.
Ans: Is this the person who came to see you last week?
2. Are harmless to snakes most people.
Ans: Most snakes are harmless to people.

HS 2019

1. Want do me see you at to the airport off?
Ans: Do you want me to see you off at the airport?
2. The an truth honest speaks man always.
Ans: An honest man always speaks the truth.

HS 2020

1. Penguin I a seen never have.
Ans: I have never seen a penguin.
2. Persons knows several he here.
Ans: He knows several persons here.


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