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Notice Writing Rules and Format: 10 + Examples of Notices

Notice Writing:Notice Writing is the most widely used means of communicating information by the heads of educational institutions and government offices. It is a type of short composition. So information can be easily communicated by notices. Such notices are frequently put up in School Notice Boards/ School Bulletin Boards. Students of various state boards, particularly the CBSE students of Class 8 to 10 are asked to write a notice on a given topic in not more than 50 words in examinations. Examples of given topics include various competitions, celebrations, tournaments, matches held in schools, excursions, lost and found and other important announcements etc. An effort has been made here to include all the various patterns of writing notices in this article.

Spoken English Lesson 2: Sentences of Etiquette

English is a sweet language. There are a lot of words and phrases that help to express your gratitude and politeness easily. Such phrases are considered part of English etiquettes. If you use such phrases in your day-to-day conversation, your conversation becomes more polite. We don't generally use such expressions in our mother tongue. But they are an inevitable part of English etiquette and are used widely in spoken English. Let's study some such expressions and their uses today.

Spoken English Lesson 1: Sentences of Greetings

Spoken English or English Conversation is an ever cherished dream for non native English learners. Spoken English is different from written English. With a little practice, one can easily master the art of speaking English for different situations. Let's today start our first lesson on Spoken English. When we meet someone, the first step is receiving or welcoming them. It shows the warmth of love we have for them. Let's start with Greetings and salutations in the English language. Read and practise the following sentences. You can easily use them for purposes of greetings, salutations and farewells in your daily life.

Coronavirus | COVID-19 Essay in English: 500 + Words

What is the Coronavirus?
The common name 'Coronavirus' refers to a family of viruses that can cause a range of illnesses in humans and animals. These illnesses can range from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome. Out of the many officially recognized Coronaviruses, there are only seven species that affect humans. Three of these seven species can cause severe symptoms in humans and can be life threatening.

Tenses: Present, Past and Future: Uses, Structure Formula and Conjugation Examples

Part IA. Tenses:Concept of TensesPrincipal Verb FormsTypes of Tenses
Concept of Tenses:We use different forms of the same verb to show different time references (past, present or future) and states of an action. These verb forms are called tenses. Hence the tense is the change of form in a verb to denote the time of an action. In other words, the tense is the form taken by the verb to denote the time and state of an action. Note the difference. Tense does not directly refer to the verb. It refers to the change of form in a verb to denote the time of an action. It refers to the different forms of verbs. For example, 'do', 'did' and 'will do' are the three forms of one and the same verb 'do'. 'Do' refers to the present time, 'did' to the past time and 'will do' the future time. These different forms are called tenses. Besides the time of an action, the tense of a verb also shows the continuance and extent of completeness of the verb…

Paragraph Writing Guide: Paragraph Types, Topics, Examples, Format, Essential Elements

A. What is a paragraph?A paragraph is a group of sentences related to one main topic or idea called the controlling or central idea of the paragraph. If you look at any printed piece of prose writing, you can see the prose is divided into several subsections. These subsections are called paragraphs. A paragraph can be written on any and every topic. A paragraph can be of any length. There is no hard and fast rule as to the length of an ideal paragraph. However 100-200 words paragraphs are the most preferred ones in most academic and competitive exams. If you are writing a book or an article, a paragraph can be of any length depending on your subject matter and presentation.

100-200-300 Words Paragraphs for Different Classes: Part 4

1. Precautionary Measures to Check the Spread of Coronavirus Disease/ COVID-19 (190 Words)The Coronavirus disease/ Covid-19 has badly affected the whole world. We must take precautionary measures to check its spread. The most important measures to prevent the spread of the disease are social or physical distancing and use of alcohol based hand wash. As COVID-19 is caused by viral infection, we must take the disease seriously. We must immediately contact or consult the health department if we suffer from the symptoms of COVID-19. We can take the following measures to avoid being infected with the virus:

100-200-300 Words Paragraphs for Different Classes: Part 3

1. Punctuality Or     (128 Words)  Value of Time Or   Importance of Time
Punctuality means doing everything at the right time. A punctual man never puts off what he can do now and today. Punctuality is a characteristic that is sure to bring prosperity and success in life. A punctual man gets enough time to do everything besides his normal duties in life. But an unpunctual man cannot complete even his normal duties. A student who attends classes regularly and completes his homework in time always finds time to study more. But an unpunctual student fails to complete his studies in time. Similarly a soldier or commander can bring victory to a country by doing things at the right time. Time once lost can't be regained at any cost. So one must be punctual if one wants success in life.

Teachers' Day in India: 5th September 2020: History, Origins, Importance and Quotes

Teachers' Day is celebrated across the world on different dates. Different countries have their own ideal personalities or ideals to celebrate on teachers' day. While the World Teachers' Day or International Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5 every year, India celebrates September 5 as Teachers' Day every year.

Class 12 HS Exam: Question Tags Exercises with Answers

Exercises on Question Tags Solved from HS (AHSEC) Exam Questions of Alternative English for the years 2007-2020Fill in the gaps with question tags.HS Exam 20071. She did not go to school yesterday, did she ?2. Nobody came to meet him at the station, did they ?3. You like a lot of sugar in your milk, don't you ?4. You are coming to school, aren't you ?5. They will come here, won't they ?6. Close the door, will you ? Orwon't you ?7. Don't go there, will you ?