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100-200-300 Words Paragraphs for Different Classes: Part 3

1. Punctuality Or     (128 Words)
  Value of Time Or
  Importance of Time

Punctuality means doing everything at the right time. A punctual man never puts off what he can do now and today. Punctuality is a characteristic that is sure to bring prosperity and success in life. A punctual man gets enough time to do everything besides his normal duties in life. But an unpunctual man cannot complete even his normal duties. A student who attends classes regularly and completes his homework in time always finds time to study more. But an unpunctual student fails to complete his studies in time. Similarly a soldier or commander can bring victory to a country by doing things at the right time. Time once lost can't be regained at any cost. So one must be punctual if one wants success in life.

2. Beauty     (147 Words)

Everything that gives us pleasure, satisfaction and peace of mind is beauty. Everybody likes beauty and wants to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that beauty brings to our life. But not everyone can enjoy beauty. The sole reason is that beauty is subjective. It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What one considers beauty can seem ugly to another. Beauty can be seen, heard and experienced. One can see the beautiful scenery, hear the sweet words and melodious tunes and experience the nobility and sublimity of everything great. Nature with its diverse flora and fauna looks beautiful. Beauty can be physical too. Man wants to make himself beautiful by artificial methods like exercises and use of cosmetics and costumes. But true beauty is in the mind and heart. Whoever possesses a great mind full of great ideas is beautiful for everyone.

3. Rain    (106 Words)

Rain is a wonderful gift of God to mankind. Life on earth is impossible without rain. The water of the earth turns into vapour, rises into the sky and forms clouds. Due to gravitational force, they again come down to earth in the form of water droplets called rain. Rain removes the extreme heat and dust after the summer and rejuvenates life. Rain helps plants to grow, makes the atmosphere suitable for living and provides for drinking water. If there were no rain, rivers and oceans would dry up and there would be no plants. Nature will lose its balance. There will be no life on earth.

4. Perfect Holiday Or    (135 Words)
    Best Holiday
    Your Ideas of a Perfect Holiday

A holiday is something everyone eagerly waits for. Everyone wants to have a perfect holiday. If they can do everything as they like during the holiday, it becomes a perfect holiday for them. Different people want to enjoy their holidays in different ways. They have their own ideas of perfect holiday. My idea of perfect holiday is to visit the places of historical importance and enjoy the sights there. Just after the school final exam, I went to Sivasagar with my family. There I enjoyed the beauty of the monuments and palaces built by the Ahom kings. The Sivasagar (the big lake), Kareng Ghar, Rang Ghar, Sivadol are the things that are really worth seeing. They tell us a lot about the history and civilization of Assam during the reign of the Ahom kings.

5. Sharing is Caring    (147 Words)

Sharing is a divine quality essential for happy and peaceful relationships. Sharing makes one happy in personal and social relationships. When we share something with our family, friends and society, it broadens our heart and makes us understand the needs of others. Sharing shows how much a person cares for his family, friends and society. It develops the qualities of love, cooperation and fellow feeling among us. It teaches us selfless action and fills our heart with divine joy. A student can share his lessons with his friends. When they study together, it makes learning easier. A man can be on good terms with other members of his family if he shares the daily necessities with them. Everyone should share their food and clothing with the poor and needy. Everyone should cultivate the habit of sharing for it develops our divine qualities and brings about social harmony.


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