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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Noun Error Correction Exercise

Q. Correct the errors in the following sentences.

Errors in the Use of Nouns:

(For Errors on Pronouns, Click Here)

1. It's a nice poetry.

Ans: It's a nice poem.

2. The sceneries of Shillong are beautiful.

Ans: The scenery of Shillong is beautiful.

3. I have learnt the alphabets.

Ans: I have learnt the alphabet.

4. All the furnitures have been sold.

Ans: All the furniture has been sold.

5. The cattles are grazing in the field.

Ans: The cattle are grazing in the field.

6. The police has arrested him.

Ans: The police have arrested him.

7. Peoples here are good.

Ans: People here are good.

8. He loves the music.

Ans: He loves music.

9. The knowledge is power.

Ans: Knowledge is power.

10. The news are true.

Ans: The news is true.

11. He is my cousin sister.

Ans: He is my cousin.

12. He is a coward person.

Ans: He is a coward.

13. His son-in-laws are rich men.

Ans: His sons-in-law are rich men.

14. I have two daugher-in-laws.

Ans: I have two daughters-in-law.

15. Give me a ten rupees note.

Ans: Give me a ten rupee note.

16. He is a two years old boy.

Ans: He is a two year old boy.

17. It's a three years degree course.

Ans: It's a three year degree course.

18. It's a two days long program.

Ans: It's a two day long program.

19. It's a three members committee.

Ans: It's a three member committe.

20. I need two dozens pencils.

Ans: I need two dozen pencils.

21. One of the boy has done the work.

Ans: One of the boys has done the work.

22. Each of the student has got a prize.

Ans: Each of the students has got a prize.

23. Six miles are a long distance.

Ans: Six miles is a long distance.

24. Six days are a long period.

Ans: Six days is a long period.

25. I purchased some fruits.

Ans: I purchased some fruit.

26. He has gone to buy vegetable.

Ans: He has gone to buy vegetables.

27. His hairs are grey.

Ans: His hair is grey.

28. He has pains all over his body.

Ans: He has pain all over his body.

29. He gave us all the informations.

Ans: He gave us all the information.

30. Bring a bread from the market.

Ans: Bring a piece of bread from the market.

31. Two thirds of the work are done.

Ans: Two thirds of the work is done.

32. Two thirds of the men was present.

Ans: Two thirds of the men were present.

33. I have kept my words.

Ans: I have kept my word.

34. This house is built of bricks.

Ans: This house is built of brick.

35. The teacher gave us many advices.

Ans: The teacher gave us many pieces of advice.

36. The judge passed order for his release.

Ans: The judge passed orders for his release.

37. The Himalaya is the highest mountain.

Ans: The Himalayas are the highest mountains.

38. Please put your sign here.

Ans: Please put your signature here.

39. The old is always respected.

Ans: The old are always respected.

40. The rich is happy.

Ans: The rich are happy.

41. The fisherman has caught many fishes.

Ans: The fisherman has caught many fish.

42. There are many sheeps and deers here.

Ans: There are many sheep and deer here.

43. Convey my respect to your parents.

Ans: Convey my respects to your parents.

44. His circumstance is bad.

Ans: His circumstances are bad.

45. My spectacle is expensive.

Ans: My spectacles are expensive.

46. His trouser is loose.

Ans: His trousers are loose.

47. His whereabouts are not known.

Ans: His whereabouts is not known.

48. He put on full pants.

Ans: He put on trousers.

49. He put on half pants.

Ans: He put on shorts.

50. Let us sit in the shadow of the tree.

Ans: Let us sit in the shade of the tree.