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Affirmative to Negative Sentences Without Changing Meaning

Change into negative sentences without changing the meaning.

Type I

1. I shall always remember you.

I shall never forget you.

2. He is absent today.

He is not present today.

3. Man is mortal.

Man is not immortal.

No man is immortal.

4. He is attentive.

He is not inattentive.

5. He is an honest man.

He is not a dishonest man.

6. Water is colourless.

Water is not colourful.

7. I am a reasonable man.

I am not an unreasonable man.

8. Everyone found the play interesting.

No one found the play uninteresting.

9. You must obey your teacher.

You must not disobey your teacher.

10. Everyone must face his destiny.

No one can escape his destiny.

Type II

11. He tried all plans.

He left no plans untried.

12. I tried every plan.

I tried no plan untried.

13. I did everything for my country.

I have left nothing undone for my country.

14. I finished everything.

I left nothing unfinished.

Type III

15. Everybody will admit that Radha is right.

Nobody will deny that Radha is right.

16. Everybody must admit that he is clever.

Nobody can deny that he is clever.

17. Everybody must admit that I am right.

Nobody will deny that I am right.

18. Everybody must admit that Tendulkar is a great cricketer.

Nobody can deny that Tendulkar is a great cricketer.

Type IV

19. As soon as he saw me, he began to quarrel.

No sooner did he see me than he began to quarrel.

20. As soon as he saw me, he began to weep.

No sooner had he seen me than he began to weep.

21. As soon as the teacher came, we all stood up.

No sooner had the teacher come than we all stood up.

22. As soon as I arrived the noise ceased.

No sooner had I arrived than the noise ceased.

Type V

23. Only Anita can do the sum.

None but Anita can do the sum.

24. Only Ram was present there.

None but Ram was present there.

25. God alone can save him.

None but God can save him.

26. You are the only person fit for the post.

None but you are fit for the post.

27. John is the only person fit for the post.

None but John is fit for the post.

28. Only a rouge can act thus.

None but a rouge can act thus.

29. Only a brave soldier can act thus.

None but a brave soldier can act thus.

30. Only a coward would fail to do his duty.

No one but a coward would fail to do his duty.

31. Only students are allowed to enter the hall.

None but the students are allowed to enter the hall.

32. I like only sweets.

I like nothing but sweets.

33. I saw only husks and dust in the bag.

I saw nothing in the bag but husks and dust.

Type VI

34. Every man loves his country.

No man hates his country.

There is nobody who doesn't love his country.

There is no man but loves his country.

35. Everybody believes in his honesty.

Nobody disbelieves in his honesty.

There is nobody but believes in his honesty.

36. Everybody wishes to be happy.

Nobody wishes to be unhappy.

There is nobody who doesn't wish to be happy.

There is none but wishes to be happy.

Type VII

37. You are richer than I.

I am not so rich as you are.

38. Samir is taller than Bimal.

Bimal is not so tall as Samir.

39. Chennai is hotter than Mumbai.

Mumbai is not so hot as Chennai.

40. The boy is better than the girl.

The girl is not so good as the boy.

41. The Brahmaputra is longer than the Ganges.

The Ganges is not so long as the Brahmaputra.

42. He is the best boy.

No other boy is so good as he.

43. Vivekananda was the greatest saint.

No other saint was so great as Vivekananda.


44. Every rose has a thorn.

There is no rose without a thorn.

45. Every cloud has a silver lining.

There is no cloud without a silver lining.

46. Where there's smoke there's fire.

There is no smoke without fire.

47. Where there is a will, there is a way.

There is no way without a will.

Type IX (Miscellaneous)

48. I have come here for the last time.

Never again shall I come here.

49. He is too weak to walk.

He is so weak that he cannot walk.

50. He loves you.

He doesn't hate you.

He is not without love for you.

51. I am hopeful.

I am not without hope.

52. I respect my teachers.

I don't disrespect my teachers.

I am not without respect for my teachers.

53. It is probable that I will pass.

It is not improbable that I will pass.

54. It is sure that I will pass.

There is no doubt that I will pass.

55. It is a foolish idea.

Is it not a foolish idea?

56. All of them are going for the movie.

Are all of them not going for the movie?

57. He is sometimes careless.

He is not always careful.

58. I was doubtful if he would come.

I was not sure if he would come.

59. It is often difficult to speak the truth.

It is not always easy to speak the truth.

60. He is competent for the post.

He is not incompetent for the post.

61. Can their glory ever fade?

Their glory can never fade.

62. In all respects, this computer is like any other.

In no respect is this computer different from any other.

This computer is not different from any other in any respect.

63. He denied that he had stolen it.

He said that he had not stolen it.