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Factual Description | Class 11 & 12 | HS AHSEC Solved Examples

A factual description is based on facts, not theories or personal interpretations. It has a heading followed by the main points  presented in a short and crisp manner. Here are a few examples of factual descriptions.

1. You are arranging a picnic to Kaziranga National Park next Sunday. Describe your preparations to your classmates in about 100 words. HS 1st Year Exam 2016, 2018


       Our Preparations For A Picnic

A picnic is always a pleasurable experience. It is more so when organized with classmates. We, the students and teachers of Guwahati HS School, have today decided to go on a picnic to Kaziranga National Park next Sunday. We have already made all necessary arrangements. We have booked a bus, a microphone set, the utensils and other necessary materials like gas stove, LPG cylinder, chairs, tents etc. Our class captain has agreed to bring along his personal camera to click the memorable moments during the picnic. We'll purchase bread, bananas and jelly for breakfast on Saturday evening. We'll board the bus at 4 AM on Sunday.

2. You are Priyam/Priya, and you have visited your friend who is staying in the school/college hostel. Write a factual description in 100-125 words including the facilities such as accommodation, food, sports, entertainment etc provided there. HS 2nd Year Exam 2013


                My Visit To A Hostel

Last evening, I visited my friend, Rohit who is staying in a hostel at Guwahati. I spent the night with him in his room. I was amazed to see that the hostel has two separate sections for boys and girls with more than 100 rooms. It also has a big library and a reading room. It has one spacious room for indoor games like carrom, chess etc. It also has a dining hall with 150 seat capacity. There is a playground outside for playing cricket, football and hockey. There is also an auditorium hall just inside the gate. The hall is used for cultural programmes occasionally. The food served in the hostel is also of high quality. I was really happy to have spent time at such a place.

3. You attended the Edufair 2015 organized by The Assam Tribune Pvt Ltd in Guwahati in which some top colleges and universities of India participated and gave information about their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Write a detailed account of the fair in 100-125 words. You are Parveen/Pravin. HS 2nd Year Exam 2012, 2016


                       Edufair 2015

The Edufair 2015 was organized by The Assam Tribune Pvt Ltd in Guwahati in January last. Around 100 top colleges and universities of the country attended Edufair. The subject experts from the colleges and universities and the authors of some award winning books also attended the programme. It was an interactive session where students could know about the different undergraduate and postgraduate courses of different universities. Students also got the opportunity to meet and discuss their queries with the authors and subject experts. A three day long seminar was also organized as part of the Edufair. The purpose of the programme was to acquaint the prospective students with the different courses of study and prepare them for suitable higher education.