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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Chapter 6: A New Day, A New Way: Class 8 English: Important Questions-Answers: Assam Board

Lesson 6

A New Day, A New Way

English Class VIII

Sunbeam English Reader - III

Important Questions and Answers:

1. Answer the following questions from the lesson:

(a) Why was Seema upset?

Ans: She was in urgent need of her salary. But the manager of her office told her that the salary for the current month would be delayed. This made Seema upset.

(b) What did Swati suggest to her mother?

Ans: Swati suggested to her mother to approach an NGO which visited their school to create awareness on "Entrepreneurship Development and Self Reliance". Seema suggested that they should try the NGO for some help.

(c) What happened when Seema met the lady at the office of the NGO?

Ans: The lady sounded very warm and helpful. She told Swati to send her mother to her office "Brave Mothers" the next day at 10 O'clock in the morning.

(d) What did the women of 'Brave Mothers' do?

Ans: They used to offer vocational training in a variety of fields like toy making, embroidery, tailoring, culinary arts, mobile phone repairing and so on.

(e) What was Seema interested in doing?

Ans: Seema was interested in choosing Culinary training as a vocation since she loved cooking.

(f) How did the NGO help Seema?

Ans: The NGO offered her training and guidance in her chosen vocation. It also offered her a small loan to start a business.

2. Check your comprehension.

Find out the meanings of the words in italics and select the correct answers from the options.

(a) Seema looked at Swati's calm and resolute face.

(i) sad

(ii) adamant

(iii) brave

(iv) determined

Ans: Determined

(b) "I would like to choose culinary training as a vocation."

(i) tailoring

(ii) toy making

(iii) embroidery

(iv) cooking

Ans: Cooking

(c) Her heart brimmed with new dreams.

(i) lacked

(ii) overflowed

(iii) loaded

(iv) exhausted

Ans: Overflowed

3. Here are some more words from the lesson.

Read the words in column A and find out their meanings in column B. Draw lines to match each word with its meaning


(a) edge

The outside limit of an object, a surface or an area

(b) adored

Loved somebody very much

(c) jotted

Wrote something quickly

(d) hugged

Put one's arms around somebody to hold them tightly, especially to show deep love or liking

(e) embossed

A raised design on a fabric