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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Chapter 7, Class 7 English: A Child's Beauty

1. Match the following facts about the story you just read.

(a) Akbar --- was Salim's son

(b) Salim --- was a minister in the court of Akbar.

(c) Birbal --- was the emperor.

(d) The young prince --- was Akbar's son.


(a) Akbar was the emperor.

(b) Salim was Akbar's son.

(c) Birbal was a minister in the court of Akbar.

(d) The young prince was Salim's son.

2. Do you remember the story? Rearrange the sentences as they happened in the story to see how well you remember what happened.


(c) Akbar said that no child was more beautiful than his grandson.

(b) Birbal said that all parents found their children very beautiful.

(a) Each minister brought a child to judge who was the most beautiful child.

(d) The mother did not let Birbal bring the child to the court.

(e) Akbar with his minister went in disguise to see the child.

(g) They found a child playing on a heap of sand.

(h) Akbar said he had never seen a child uglier than this.

(f) The mother got angry when she heard Akbar's words.

(j) The mother took the baby inside and shut the door.

(i) Akbar agreed with Birbal that all parents find their own children beautiful.

3. Read the lesson once again and find answers to the following questions.

(a) Why was Akbar happy?

Ans: Akbar was happy as his son Salim had a son.

(b) Who used to say, "There is no child more beautiful than my grandson."?

Ans: Akbar used to say "There is no child more beautiful than my grandson".

(c) Why did each minister bring a child to the court?

Ans: Everyday Akbar Akbar used to call his grandson most beautiful. The ministers were fed up. A minister proposed one day that they should all bring a child who they thought was beautiful. So each minister brought a child to the court.

(d) Why didn't Birbal bring any child?

And: Birbal found a child. But the child's mother did not allow Birbal to bring him.

(e) Why did Akbar and the ministers go in disguise to see the child that Birbal could not bring to court?

Ans: Birbal actually wanted to teach Akbar the lesson that all children seem beautiful to their parents.

(f) Why did the mother of the child scream at Akbar?

Ans: Akbar called the child the ugliest he had ever seen. The mother of the child overheard Akbar and screamed.

(g) What did Akbar realize?

Ans: Akbar realised that all children seem beautiful to their parents.

4. Find out from the lesson who said the following sentences. Write the name of the person next to each sentence.

(a) "I have found a child who is the most beautiful child in the entire country."

Ans: Birbal.

(b) "If this is so, we can go and see the child in disguise." -

Ans: Akbar.

(c) "He is the most beautiful child God could have given me."

Ans: The child's mother.

(d) "Then we can judge for ourselves."

Ans: a minister.