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Chapter 4: Dokchory Learns about the Panchayat: Class 8 English: Important Questions-Answers, Assam Board

Lesson 4

Dokchory Learns About The Panchayat

English Class VIII

Sunbeam English Reader - III

Important Questions and Answers:

1. Here are some words from the text and their meanings. Test your understanding by matching the words on the left with their meanings on the right.


Institution: Organisation or society.

Elections: The exercise through which we vote for new leaders.

Sincerity: Devotion to a purpose.

Differently Abled: Having a physical or mental condition that makes it difficult for a person to do all the work that other people do.

Schemes: Plans

Substantial: Large in size or amount

Rural: Relating to a village or the countryside

Tax: The money citizens of a country have to pay the government to help it do different kinds of work.

Quarrel: Angry dispute, unfriendly relations with someone.

Governance: Manner of governing or ruling.

2. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:


(a) Dokchory studies in Class VIII

(b) The name of her school is Disangmukh Janajati High School.

(c) Her father's name is Konke Mili.

(d) He works in the Panchayat Office.

(e) Dokchory goes to school by bicycle.

(f) She loves the ride because she gets to know new things every day.

(g) To contest the Panchayat elections, one has to be 21 years old.

3. Answer the following questions to understand the text better.

(a) What was the meaning of Panchayat long ago?

Ans: Panchayat meant a system of governance by five elderly men called Panch Gramin Pramukh.

(b) What is the meaning of Panchayat now?

Ans: A panchayat is the system of self governance at the village level. It looks after the welfare of the village.

(c) What kind of work is done by the Panchayat?

Ans: It builds and repairs rural roads, bridges, houses for the poor and so on.

(d) From where does the Panchayat get money to perform all its work?

Ans: The Panchayat gets money from taxes on vehicles, river ghats, bazaars and beels etc. It also gets money from the goverment and the local MLA fund.

(e) How did the Panchayat help Dhaniram?
Ans: It built a house for him.

(f) How did Dhaniram spend the cold December nights?

Ans: He spends the cold December nights on the open Verandah of a school building.

4. You have just read about the Panchayat.

Using information from the lesson, fill in the table below:


Minimum age to contest: 21 years.

Powers of a Panchayat: It raise taxes, plans development schemes and works for local development.

Kinds of work a Panchayat does: It builds and repairs rural roads, bridges, houses and so on.

Sources of money: Taxes, government grants and the MLA fund.