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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Chapter 1: The Prince of Panidihing: Class 8 English: Important Questions and Answers: Assam Board

Lesson 1

The Prince of Panidihing

English Class VIII

Sunbeam English Reader - III

Important Questions and Answers:

1. Answer the following questions to check your understanding.

(a) Why did the people of Chitolia and the neighbouring villages panic?

Ans: The people of Chitolia and the neighbouring villages panicked as the  week-long heavy rain led to continued rise in the water level of the Brahmaputra.

(b) What happened when the embankment at Chitolia village was breached?

Ans: Huge waves of water broke into the villages. The water even rolled over some of the house-tops. The air was filled with the cries and wails of humans and animals.

(c) What action did Khagen and his classmates take to rescue the villagers of Chitolia?

Ans: Khagen and his friends made a few rafts of banana trunks. They raced towards Chitolia and rescued the marooned. They also made arrangements of food and shelter for the affected people and informed the civil authorities immediately.

(d) How did Khagen and Dambaru rescue Dr. Hatibaruah and Moni Baidew?

Ans: They steered a boat towards the dispensary and helped the doctor and Moni Baidew step into the boat. However, the boat met with an accident on the way. Those on board the boat were again trapped in water. Khagen and his friends swung into action once again and rescued them all.

(e) Why did the people of the village call Khagen "The Prince of Panidihing"?

Ans: Khagen, a seventeen year old brave young boy, saved the lives of the villagers when flood struck them. His courage and action led him to victory in his attempt to rescue the villagers against the odds of devastating flood. The villagers were impressed by his bravery and called him "The Prince of Panidihing".

2. How much of the story do you remember? Answer these questions quickly.

(a) Who was Khagen? How old was he?

Ans: Khagen was a young man of Borgaon. He was a student of Nitaipukhuri College.

He was seventeen years old.

(b) 'It rained heavily all week'. What was the result?

Ans: The water of the Brahmaputra continued to swell and rise. People panicked. The embankment at Chitolia was breached.

(c) 'In moments, huge waves of water broke into the villages'. What is this situation called?

Ans: This situation is called flood.

(d) "Khagen! You have saved our lives, given us a new life." Who said this? Why did he say this?

Ans: Dr. Hatibaruah said this.

It is because Khagen rescued him from his dispensary where he was trapped in the flood. He also rescued him on the way back when the latter was again trapped in flood.

3. Complete the following sentences in your own words:

(a) The water rolled over some of the house-tops and there were cries and wails all around.

(b) By the time the people of Chitolia were evacuated, Khagen and his friends were exhausted.

(c) Half an later, the boat reached the doctor's house, it narrowly missed crashing into the railing of the verandah of the doctor's house.

(d) The boat took a U turn now and it began to move swiftly with the current.

(e) Dambaru and the two other men somehow managed to catch hold of the capsized boat that had almost been swept away.

4. 10 Additional Important Short Questions and Answers:

1. Who is called "The Prince of Panidihing"?

And: Khagen.

2. What is Panidihing?

Ans: A river.

3. Where did Khagen live?

Ans: Borgaon.

4. In which college did Khagen study?

Ans: Nitaipukhuri College.

5. Which village had an embankment?

Ans: Chitolia.

6. How old was Khagen?

Ans: 17 years old.

7. Who went along with Khagen to rescue the doctor?

Ans: Dambaru.

8. Where was Dr. Hatibaruah stranded?

Ans: In his dispensary.

9. Where did the flood occur?

Ans: Chitolia.

10. In which season do floods come?

Ans: In the Monsoon season.