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Sentence Pattern | Class 9 | HSLC Class 10 | SEBA English Grammar

1. HSLC 2003

a. Corbett knew where the tiger was lying

Ans: Father knew where the man was working.

b. S + V + O + time phrase.

Ans: I met him in the morning.

2. HSLC 2004

a. He said that he was innocent.

Ans: I know that the earth is round.

b. S + V + O + complement

Ans: People selected him their captain

3. HSLC 2005

a. The building had to be demolished.

Ans: The house had to be cleaned.

b. S + V + that clause

Ans: He says that he is ill.

4. HSLC 2006

a. I started to approach the tree.

Ans: We began to play cricket.

b. S + V + O + O

Ans: He gave me a book.

5. HSLC 2007

a. The old man made no complaint.

Ans: The young boy uttered no word.

b. S + V + Infinitive + Object

Ans: I like to eat mangoes.

6. HSLC 2008

a. The more you read, the more you learn.

Ans: The more you work, the more you earn


The higher you go in the sky, the lighter you will feel


The faster you walk, the earlier you will reach.

b. S+ V + O

Ans: He plays Cricket.


I eat rice.


He reads the Gita

7. HSLC 2009

a. He enjoys flying kites.

Ans: He enjoys watching television.

b. Tigers are troubled by flies.

Ans: The labourers are exploited by the rich.

8. HSLC 2010

a. He enjoys playing cards.

Ans: He enjoys reading novels.

b. S + V + O + O

Ans: He told me a story.

9. HSLC 2011

a. The teacher gave him a dictionary.

Ans: The man gave me a book.

b. S+ V + O + C

Ans: He called me a fool.


We selected him captain.

10. HSLC 2012

a. The child taught him a lesson.

Ans: The teacher taught us grammar.

b. S + V + O

Ans: I read a book.

11. HSLC 2013

a. Painting is an art.

Ans: Writing is a skill.

b. S + V + O + O

Ans: He gave me a book.

12. HSLC 2014

a. Painting is an art.

Ans: Walking is an exercise.

b. S + V + to infinitive

Ans: I like to read.