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Preposition Exercise | Class 9 | SEBA English Grammar

Preposition Exercises for SEBA Class IX, Assam Board Students based on previous years' exam questions.
As Class IX question bank questions on prepositions are similar to those asked in HSLC questions, you can read them here.

Q. Fill in the blanks below with suitable prepositions.

1. He is at home. (at/in)
2. He is at the office. (at/in)
3. He is standing at the door. (at/in/on)
4. He is looking at me. (at/in)
5. Potato sells at sixty rupees a kilo. (at/for)
6. This house consists of five rooms. (of/in)
7. Cows live on grass. (by/on)
8. The book is on the table. (on/in)
9. He sat on the bench. (at/on/in)
10. He is coming into the room. (in/into)
11. This table is made of wood. (of/from)
12. Shoes are made of leather. (of/from)
13. Butter is made from milk. (of/from)
14. I sent for him. (to/for)
15. I don't care for her. (of/by)
16. There is little milk in the glass. (in/on)
17. China is to the north of India. (to/in/on)
18. Nepal is to the north of India. (to/in/on)
19. I bought the pen for twenty rupees. (with/for/by)
20. There is a bridge over the river. (on/over)
21. Please sit by me. (to/by)
22. He is senior to me. (to/than)
23. I write with a pen. (by/with)
24. I poured some milk into the glass. (in/into)
25. There is a bridge over the Brahmaputra. (on/over)
26. Birds are flying over the bridge. (on/over)
27. Boats are under the bridge. (on/under)
28. He is standing between Gita and Rita. (among/between)
29. We live in a village. (at/in)
30. He is sitting behind me. (on/behind)
31. This house is for sale. (to/for)
32. Here is a map of Assam. (of/for)
33. Sri Lanka is to the South of India. (to/on/in)
34. I bathed in the river. (in/under)
35. He fell into the river. (in/into)
36. He looks after my property. (for/after)
37. He has returned from the market. (of/from)
38. You must care for your parents. (of/for)
39. I am on duty. (in/on)
40. She is on leave. (in/on)
41. We are in confusion. (in/on)
42. He fell from the tree. (of/from)
43. Give the book to me. (to/for)
44. Look at the sky. (at/for)
45. Father is sleeping in his room. (at/in)
46. Rabi is between Babul and Abdul. (between/among)
47. I'll reach there on Monday. (in/on)
48. He'll come in March. (in/on)
49. She was here till 5 PM yesterday. (till/for)
50. He is crying out for fear. (by/for)
51. It has been raining since yesterday. (since/from)
52. He has been reading for two hours. (since/for)
53. He is on the way to the office. (to/for)
54. I shall finish the work by next Sunday. (by/on)
55. He will come here in winter. (in/on)
56. Rita will meet me during holidays. (in/during)
57. I have not yet written to him. (to/for)
58. The house was on fire. (in/on)
59. He was accompanied by his father. (with/by)
60. He was absent from school today. (in/from)
61. His knowledge of English is poor. (of/on)
62. I warned him against working so hard. (against/by)
63. I was about to go. (to/on)
64. He is sure of success. (of/in)
65. He is well versed in music. (at/in)
66. He delivered a lecture on classical music. (in/on)
67. He is admitted to the hospital. (to/in)
68. We sat under a tree. (on/under)
69. He goes to bed at 10 PM. (at/by)
70. He came by train. (in/by)
71. The child lives on milk only. (on/by)
72. He came in the afternoon. (in/at)
73. He was appointed to the post. (to/in)
74. I was ill with influenza. (with/for)
75. Don't hanker after wealth. (for/after)
76. We went there after a week. (after/in)
77. We'll go there in a week. (after/in)
78. I saw him leaving over the wall. (on/over)
79. Sit on the bench. (in/on)
80. We live on rice. (on/by)
81. He stood by me. (by/on)
82. I do not believe in his honesty. (at/in)
83. He deals very nicely with his customers. (with/in)
84. Our examination starts on Saturday next. (in/on)
85. He was not present in school today. (at/in)
86. I shall do it with pleasure. (at/with)
87. Smoking is bad for lungs. (to/for)
88. Your application is under consideration. (on/under)
89. Virtue consists in speaking the truth. (in/of)
90. The tiger was killed by the hunter. (with/by)
91. He was killed in an accident. (in/by)
92. He died of Cancer. (of/from)
93. I have seen with my own eyes. (in/with)
94. He has drawn a beautiful picture with a pencil. (with/by)
95. The man died from overwork. (of/from)
96. He was born in 1980. (in/on)
97. He wrote the letter in ink. (with/in)
98. The sun rises in the east. (in/to)
99. He has gone to see off his brother. (off/of)
100. The Chief Minister flagged off the train. (off/of)


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