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Spoken English Lesson 4: Sentences of Health

Health is an important topic of conversation in everyday life. This lesson contains some short sentences that we need to talk about different conditions of health in everyday life. The meanings of certain words are explained at the end of the lesson.

Health is wealth
A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
Take exercise daily.
Exercise is a panacea for health.
Take care of your health.
You require bed rest.
I went to enquire about his health.
He is feeling better today.
Prevention is better than cure.
Smoking is injurious to health.
How are you today?
Are you feeling sick?
I am feeling sick.
Consult some good doctor.
I have a fever today.
I am allergic to dust.
I am allergic to eggs.
I have to visit a doctor.
I have to see a doctor.
I have to consult a doctor.
I have an appointment with a doctor today.
What is the consultation/visiting/doctor's fee?
He had a fever last night.
His fever is down now.
This medicine will bring down your fever.
I have to consult a doctor.
Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.
Food gives us energy.
He has a headache.
He has a stomach ache.
He has a toothache.
He has a back ache.
He is suffering from stomach pain.
He is suffering from back pain.
I have a sore throat.
Press his head gently. It will comfort.
Pressing relieves the headache.
I am not feeling well today.
Avoid over work.
Over work has affected your health badly.
Avoid over eating.
The doctor couldn't diagnose my disease.
The doctor examined my pulse and found that the temperature was high.
I am feeling feverish.
I am feeling giddy.
I am feeling nausea.
I feel like vomiting.
I often have constipation.
He is a quack.
Avoid quacks.
He is very old now.
He is now fed up with his illness.
Her nose is running.
My eyes are running.
My eyes are watering.
My eyes are sore.
He died due to a lack of precautions.
He has heart trouble.
I am suffering from a chronic cold.
He is blind in one eye.
He is not blind by birth.
He is lame in one leg.
Regular morning walk is a good cure for diabetes.
Coronavirus is a contagious disease.
He is very weak.
He has a weak body.
I am not as strong as you.
My stomach is upset today.
He has indigestion.
There is no cure for Kidney stone.
He has to undergo an operation.
I had a fracture in my wrist.
I am worried about his health.
Don't worry.
The condition of the patient is improving.
The condition of the patient is critical.
I hurt my knee while playing football.
I hurt my hand slightly when I fell down.
I am under treatment now.
Where are you taking treatment these days?
He is taking treatment with Dr. Mishra.
Dr Mishra is treating me now.
Go on a diet.
I am on a diet now.
I am on dieting now.
I am dieting now.
He is diabetic.
He is on a diabetic diet.
I sprained my leg while playing.
My knee was dislocated while playing.
He is very fat.
He has gained weight.
He has to reduce weight.
Always take light food.
Cut down on calories.
He has a bad cold today.
He is shivering with cold.
My whole body is aching.
Take this medicine twice daily.
Take this medicine three times a day.
Take this medicine before/ half an hour before the meal.

Panacea - Cure/medicine for all diseases.
Nutritious Diet - Diet that has all necessary elements for the growth of the body.
Feverish - suffering from symptoms of fever. (the condition you have before you suffer from fever)
Giddy - feeling that everything around you is moving.
Nausea - feeling that you are going to vomit/feel like vomiting
Constipation - difficulty in passing stool/waste material from the body.
Quack - one who has no knowledge of the medical profession but pretends to be a doctor.
Chronic - lasting for long.
Contagious - that which spreads from one man to another.
Fracture - a break of bone.
Diet - restricted food plan due to disease.
Sprain - injure a joint.
Dislocate - move from normal position.