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100-300 Words Paragraphs for Different Classes: Part 1

1.Discipline (122 Words)

Discipline means leading life according to the established rules of conduct in society. Discipline is a training of the body, mind and soul that leads us to ultimate success in life. It brings peace and harmony in social life. We must cultivate the habit of disciplined life from the early part of life itself. At home, we should obey our elders. In schools and colleges, we must obey our teachers. The value of discipline in the army is well-known to all. Every soldier has to obey his commander without the slightest argument. If we are not obedient to the rules of society in every sphere of life, there will be chaos and confusion and the social harmony will be lost.

2. Life During Lockdown Or (251 Words)
Merits and Demerits of Lockdown Or Advantages and Disadvantages of Lockdown

 The Sudden outbreak of the pandemic 'COVID-19' resulted in the worldwide lockdown. Lockdown has in turn led to many changes in our life. It has brought about many advantages and disadvantages for us. The merits or advantages of lockdown are: we are now free from the hectic schedule of life and the monotony of routine life. The worst habits of eating out and staying out till late at night for no reason are gone. We have got enough time to stay in touch with our family. We have got more time to share and enjoy with our family. We have formed the habits of eating, talking and enjoying with our family. The habits of eating and sleeping have become regulated. We have got more time for recreation. Nature was also at its best. The pollution level came down to the minimum for sometime. Air and water became pure. But lockdown has also negatively affected many. The sudden change in daily life and restrictions on normal life has brought about depression to many. Many people are stranded out of home in distant places, they cannot unite with their near and dear ones. These are the causes for depression to many. Many people have lost their jobs, many are waiting to lose jobs. The economy of the countries has suffered a lot. The education system too has suffered as classes in schools and colleges are postponed indefinitely.

3. My Best Friend (142 Words)

I have many friends. Among them, I consider Rakesh as my best friend. Rakesh and I have been friends since childhood days. We are from the same village and read in the same school. He reads in the same class with me. We go to school together and sit together. After school hours,we return home together. He is very kind and helpful to all students in the class. He is also a brilliant student. All teachers love him for his loving nature. I share all my likes and dislikes with Rakesh. Whenever I have any problems, I turn to him and he comes forward to help me. On holidays, he visits our family and we read, play and eat together. I also visit him on holidays. Truly speaking, he is a gift of God in my life.

4. Save Water Save Life (211 Words)

Water is, indeed, a gift of God to humanity. Life is impossible without water. Not only we humans but animals and plants also need water to survive. Three fourths of the earth's surface is covered with water but only a little portion is available for drinking. Pure drinking water has become a scarcity today due to the rise in population. With the rise in population, industrialisation and deforestation, water scarcity has become a burning issue in urban life. People depend on government supply of water or packaged drinking water in most of the big cities today. They are unable to find drinking water from natural sources as they are all polluted today.Water pollution has become a major source of many diseases. We must take measures to use water economically at home and outside. Governments of different countries should take steps to check water pollution. It is high time that we saved water to protect ourselves from impending danger. We must avoid the misuse of water that we do in so many ways. We have to understand the importance of water in life. We have to save and conserve water. If we can't do something to save water today, life on earth will be in danger.

5. My School (170 Words)

The name of my school is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Higher Secondary School. The school is situated at M.K. Gandhi Road, Siliguri, West Bengal. It is a renowned government school of the country having classes 1 to 12. The school was established in 1948. Its medium of instruction is Bengali. The school has set a good record in the country's educational history through its outstanding results every year. I read in Class VIII now. The school has a very beautiful building. Including two sections for each class, it has twenty-four classrooms besides the office room, laboratory room and auditorium hall. We also have a big playground in front of the school and an open field at the back side. It also has a beautiful flower garden. We have a total of 50 teachers. Our principal is always kind and helpful to us. Our teachers teach us with much love and care. We also love and respect them. I wish our school a long journey of success.

6. Value of Time Or (140 Words)
Importance of Time 

Time is very precious. Whether it be student life, work life or leisure hours, we should make proper use of time. One who wastes time in useless pursuits is sure to fail in life. Great men of the world achieved success through proper use of time. We should utilise every moment of life in fruitful pursuits. We should understand and respect its value. It is said that time and tide wait for none. The saying is definitely true. Time is even more important than money. Even if you get an opportunity to earn money in any stage of life, you won't get back the time wasted. Kautilya the Prime Minister under Chandragupta Maurya has rightly said, " Even a million dollars can't give you back a single moment of life spent in vain".