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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

100 + Examples of Collective Nouns

Here is a list of 100 + examples of collective nouns that we need in everyday life. The list is arranged alphabetically.

1. An army of soldiers.

2. A band of musicians.

3.  A band of robbers.

4. A bevy of beauties.

5. A bevy of women.

6. A board of directors.

7. A board of trustees.

8. A bouquet of flowers.

9. A bunch of flowers.

10. A bunch of grapes.

11. A bunch of keys.

12. A bundle of firewood.

13. A bundle of hay. 

14. A bundle of lies. 

15. A bundle of papers.

16. A bundle of rags. 

17. A bundle of sticks. 

18. A bundle of wood.

19. A bunch of flowers.

20. A bunch of grapes. 

21. A bunch of keys. 

22. A caravan of camels. 

23. A caravan of pilgrims.

24. A chain of events.

25. A chain of mountains.

26. A class of persons. 

27. A class of students.

28. A clump of trees. 

29. A cluster of cats. 

30. A cluster of grapes. 

31. A cluster of islands. 

32. A cluster of stars. 

33. A colony of ants. 

34. A crew of soldiers. 

35. A crowd of people.

36. A faculty of teachers. 

37. A fleet of ships. 

38. A flight of birds. 

39. A flight of stairs.

40. A flock of birds. 

41. A flock of geese.

42. A flock of sheep. 

43. A galaxy of stars. 

44. A gang of labourers.

45. A gang of robbers. 

46. A gang of thieves.

47. A group of islands. 

48. A grove of trees.

49. A heap of ruins. 

50. A heap of stones.

51. A heap of sand.

52. A heap of rubbish.

53. A herd of cattle.

54. A herd of cows.

55. A herd of deer.

56. A herd of elephants.

57. A herd of swine.

58. A hive of bees.

59. A Kindle of kittens.

60. A litter of puppies.

61. A loaf of bread.

62. A lock of hair.

63. A mischief of rats.

64. A murder of crows.

65. A pack of cards.

66. A pack of hounds.

67. A pack of lies.

68. A pack of wolves.

69. A parliament of owls.

70. A pile of books.

71. A pile of papers.

72. A pool of teachers.

73. A pride of lions.

74. A range of hills.

75. A range of mountains.

76. A regiment of soldiers.

77. A school of dolphins.

78. A school of fish.

79. A school of shark.

80. A school of whales.

81. A series of events.

82. A set of rules.

83. A set of tools.

84. A sheaf of corn.

85. A sheaf of grains.

86. A sheaf of grass.

87. A shoal of fish.

88. A shower of arrows.

89. A shower of rain.

90. A stack of hay.

91. A stack of papers.

92. A stack of wood.

93. A staff of teachers.

94. A suit of clothes.

95. A suite of apartments.

96. A suite of furniture.

97. A suite of rooms.

98. A swarm of bees.

99. A swarm of flies.

100. A troop of monkeys.

101. A troupe of horses.

102. A troupe of performers.

103. A troupe of singers.

104. A tuft of hair.