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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Phrases and Idioms Error Correction Exercise

Q. Correct the errors in the following sentences:

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1. He left the hostel with bag and baggage.

Ans: He left the hostel bag and baggage.

2. Give me fooding and lodging.

Ans: Give me food and lodging.

3. He attended the party on time.

Ans: He attended the party in time.

4. The train left the station in time.

Ans: The train left the station on time.

5. Learn this poem by your heart.

Ans: Learn this poem by heart.

6. I left home in hury.

Ans: I left home in a hurry.

7. He has many kiths and kins.

Ans: He has many kith and kin.

8. He deals with tea.

Ans: He deals in tea.

9. Please take out your shoes.

Ans: Please take off your shoes.

10. I was in dilemma.

Ans: I was in a dilemma.

11. I saw a sweet dream.

Ans: I dreamt a sweet dream.

12. He is friendly with me.

Ans: He is on friendly terms with me.