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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Adjective Error Correction Exercise

Q. Correct the following sentences.

Errors in the Use of Adjectives

(For Errors in Pronouns, Click Here)

(For Errors on Determiners, Click Here)

1. He came today morning.

Ans: He came this morning.

2. He went yesterday night.

Ans: He went last night.

3. He is more stronger than I.

Ans: He is much stronger than I.


He is stronger than I.

4. Ramen is the best of the two boys.

Ans: Ramen is the better of the two boys.

5. He is the worst of the two boys.

Ans: He is the worse of the two boys.

6. She is stronger and beautiful than her sister.

Ans: She is stronger and more beautiful than her sister.

7. He is comparatively better today.

Ans: He is comparatively well today.


He is better today.

8. Sabita is elder than Sanjay.

Ans: Sabita is older than Sanjay.

9. Rakhi is the older of the two sisters.

Ans: Rakhi is the elder of the two sisters.

10. Rakhi is my oldest daughter.

Ans: Rakhi is my eldest daughter.

11. He is the eldest person in our village.

Ans: He is the oldest person in our village.

12. I purchased no less than fifty books.

Ans: I purchased no fewer than fifty books.

13. No less than sixty people died of cholera.

Ans: No fewer than fifty people died of cholera.

14. I bought no fewer than twenty kilograms of rice.

Ans: I bought no less than twenty kilograms of rice.

15. No fewer than ten litres of milk was wasted.

Ans: No less than ten litres of milk was wasted.

16. Shillong is further from Kolkata than Guwahati.

Ans: Shillong is farther from Kolkata than Guwahati.

17. No farther action was taken.

Ans: No further action was taken.

18. Do you need some money?

Ans: Do you need any money?

19. Will you give me any money?

Ans: Will you give me some money?

20. His both brothers are ill.

Ans: Both his brothers are ill.

21. My all books are lost.

Ans: All my books are lost.

22. He took my this pen.

Ans: He took this pen of mine.

23. No man is as famous as he.

Ans: No other man is as famous as he.

24. Guwahati is bigger than any city in Assam.

Ans: Guwahati is bigger than any other city in Assam.

25. Shankardeva was the greatest of all other saints.

Ans: Shankardeva was the greatest of all saints.

26. He is senior than you.

Ans: He is senior to you.

27. This book is superior than that.

Ans: This book is superior to that.

28. I prefer walking more than cycling.

Ans: I prefer walking to cycling.

29. My economical condition is not good.

Ans: My economic condition is not good.

30. I don't like his childlike behavior.

Ans: I don't like his childish behavior.

31. I like his childish simplicity.

Ans: I like his childlike simplicity.

32. He gave me a cold glass of water.

Ans: He gave me a glass of cold water.

33. It's a clouded night.

Ans: It's a cloudy night.

34. I spent rupees ten yesterday.

Ans: I spent ten rupees yesterday.

35. I have many money.

Ans: I have much money.

36. I have much books.

Ans: I have many books.

37. I have got few books.

Ans: I have got a few books.

38. It cost me hundred rupees.

Ans: It cost me a hundred rupees.

39. Don't make noise.

Ans: Don't make a noise.

40. I have a strong headache.

Ans: I have a bad headache.

41. He gave me the last news.

Ans: He gave me the latest news.