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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

The Diary of Anne Frank: Class 7 English Lesson 3: Questions-Answers

1. Let's see how much we have understood:

(a) Where was Anne Frank from?

Ans: Anne Frank was from the Netherlands.

(b) How has the voice of Anne Frank reached out across continents and generations?

Ans: The voice of Anne Frank has reached across continents and generations through her diary.

(c) What did Anne Frank see lying on the table among her other birthday presents?

Ans: Anne Frank saw 'Camera Obscura', lots of sweets, chocolates, a puzzle, a brooch, Tales and Legends of the Netherlands etc lying on the table among her other birthday presents.

(d) Why did Anne Frank remain in her bed lying till a quarter to seven on her birthday?

Ans: As Anne Frank was not allowed to get up at that hour, she had to stay in bed until a quarter to seven.

(e) Who does 'you' in the lesson refer to?

Ans: 'You' refers to the diary.

(f) What is "Camera Obscura"?

Ans: Camera Obscura is an instrument for projecting or drawing images.

(g) Who welcomed Anne in the dining room?

Ans: Anne received a warm welcome from Moortie, the cat.

(h) Why does Anne Frank think that it is an odd idea for someone like her to keep a diary?

Ans: She finds it an odd idea to keep a diary for she thinks nobody will be interested in the unbosomings of a thirteen-year-old school girl.

(i) How does Anne Frank describe her feelings in one of her slightly melancholy days?

Ans: She says that paper is more patient than man. As she has none to share her feelings with, she starts a diary.

(j) Who is Kitty?

Ans: Anne lovingly addresses her diary as Kitty.

2. Read the text and write the dates related to Anne Frank's life?

Date of birth: June 12, 1929

Year of death: February, 1945

Date of starting her diary: Summer of 1942