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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Chapter 3: Explore India: Quiz Time: Class 8 English: Important Questions-Answers: Assam Board

Lesson 3

Explore India: Quiz Time

English Class VIII

Sunbeam English Reader - III

Important Questions and Answers:

1. Answer the following questions with information from the lesson.

(a) What is a quiz?

Ans: A quiz is a form of game or competition in which someone tests our knowledge by asking questions. It is a test of knowledge between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment.

(b) How many school teams participated in the quiz programme for the selection phase?

Ans: Five school teams from the five zones of the state, with two members in each team, participated in the quiz programme for the selection phase.

(c) Who was the Quizmaster?

Ans: Mr. P. K. Baruah was the Quizmaster.

(d) What were the rules of the quiz as announced by the scorer Aparna?

Ans: There will be five rounds in total. In each round, each team will get at least one direct question. Ten marks for every correct answer and five marks for a passed over question will be awarded. There will be no negative marks. Each team will get only ten seconds to answer a question.

(e) Which team was the winner of the State Level Quiz Competition?

Ans: R. K. M. School, Cachar was the winner of the State Level School Quiz Competition.

2. How well do you know your country? Complete the following sentences. They are from the lesson and are about our country.

(a) The ancient name of Assam was Kamrup. It was also known as Pragjyotishpur.

(b) Su-Ka-Pha established the Ahom Kingdom in Assam in the year 1228.

(c) Myanmar does not share its border with Assam.

(d) The capital of Assam during the Ahom rule was Rangpur, the old name of Sivasagar.

(e) The colours of our tricolour National flag are saffron, white and green.

(f) White stands for peace and truth.

(g) Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar in the state of Gujarat.

(h) Amritsar in Punjab is famous for the Golden Temple of the Sikhs.

(i) The largest population of Indian rhinos can be seen in Kaziranga National Park.

(j) The ancient name of Patna, the capital of Bihar was Patliputra.

(k) The Qutub Minar, the world's tallest free standing stone tower was built in 1193 by Qutubuddin Aibak.

3. Match the statements.


1. One name by which our country India is known is Hindustan. --- 4. Bharat or Bharatvarsha is another name for it.

2. The colour of the first band of our flag is saffron --- 1. It signifies courage and sacrifice.

3. The blue wheel in the centre of our flag is called the Ashok Chakra or the Dharma Chakra. --- 2. It signifies that there is life in movement and death in stagnation.

4. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal. --- 5. It was built in memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal.

5. Dandi in Gujarat is famous for a historical event. --- 3. Gandhi's Salt March started here in 1930.

4. Additional Important Questions-Answers:

1. Who was the host of the quiz programme?

Ans: Anjali Das was the host of the quiz programme.

2. Who was the scorer?

Ans: Aparna, a Class XII student, was the scorer.

3. Who was the quizmaster?

Ans: Mr. P. K. Baruah was the quizmaster.

4. Which team will represent the state in the National Level Quiz?

Ans: R. K. M. School, Cachar.