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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

AHSEC HS Class 11 Transformation of Sentences

AHSEC HS First year exam questions on Transformation of Sentences.

Years 2015-2020

HS 2015

1. Kolkata is the most populous city in India. (Make it a positive degree)
Ans: No other city in India is as populous as Kolkata.
2. I know where he was born. (Make it a simple sentence)
Ans: I know the place of his birth.

HS 2016

1. She is the most intelligent girl in the class. (Use the comparative degree of 'intelligent')
Ans: She is more intelligent than any other girl in the class.
2. He knows what my name is. (Make it a simple sentence)
Ans: He knows my name.

HS 2017

1. Stephen Hawking is the most famous scientist of this generation. (Use the comparative degree of famous)
Ans: Stephen Hawking is more famous than any other scientist of this generation.
2. She knows my address. (Make it a complex sentence)
Ans: She knows what my address is.
She knows where I live.

HS 2018

1. He did not know my name. (Make it a complex sentence)
Ans: He did not know what my name was.
2. Guwahati is the oldest city in the Northeast. (Use the comparative degree of oldest)
Ans: Guwahati is older than any other city in the North East.

HS 2019

1. He confessed his crime. (Make it a complex sentence)
Ans: He confessed that he had committed the crime.
2. No other girl in the class is as good as Sita. (Use the superlative degree of good)
Ans: Sita is the best girl in the class.

HS 2020

1. My friend lives in this house. (Make it a complex sentence)
Ans: This is the house where my friend lives.
2. Greenland is the largest island in the world. (Use the comparative degree of largest)
Ans: Greenland is larger than any other island in the world.


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