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Assam Class 12 HS Exam Tense Exercise: General English

Notice Writing Rules, Format and Examples

For examples, Go to

1. Notice Writing: SEBA Class 9

2. Notice Writing: AHSEC HS Class 12

Notice Writing:

Notice Writing is the most widely used means of communicating information by the heads of educational institutions and government offices. It is a type of short composition. So information can be easily communicated by notices. Such notices are frequently put up in School Notice Boards/ School Bulletin Boards. Students of various state boards including SEBA Class 9 and AHSEC Class 12 students are asked to write a notice on a given topic in not more than 50 words in examinations. Examples of given topics include various competitions, celebrations, tournaments, matches held in schools, excursions, lost and found and other important announcements etc. An effort has been made here to include all the various patterns of writing notices in this article.

How to Write a Notice/ Instructions for Writing a Notice:

1. Write the name of the institution/ organization or office at the top middle of the page.

2. Write the word 'Notice' just below the name of the institution.

3. Write the headline, that is, the subject of the notice in two or three words just below the word 'notice'.

4. Write the date of issue of the notice at the top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left corner of the page.

5. Write the name of the institution, the word 'notice' and the subject in capital letters or write at least the first letters of those words in capital scripts.

6. Next write the body of the notice. Include details like purpose of notice, date, time, venu, programme etc.

7. Write the signature and designation of the notice issuing authority at the bottom left or bottom right corner of the page.

8. Note the use of particular words and phrases used in notice writing. A notice usually begins with 'This is for general information', 'This is to inform' etc. However it can also begin directly as 'This (name) school is going to organize'. Also note other words and phrases throughout the body part of the notice.

Notice Writing Format:

Notice Writing has its own format. Students are asked to write a notice in not more than 50 words. If the student exceeds the word limit by one or two words, 1/2 mark is deducted. If he exceeds it by three or more words, 1 mark is deducted.

The Format includes

1. Name of the institution, the word Notice, Subject and Date - 1 mark

2. Notice inside the box - 1/2 mark (a box is provided at the answer script for writing the notice)

3. Signature, name and designation of the notice issuing authority - 1/2 mark.

4. Body part - 3 Marks