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Class 10: Synthesis of Sentences: SEBA HSLC Exam

Assam HSLC Exam Questions of Last 23 Years on Synthesis of Sentences Solved.
Q. Combine the following sentences.
1. HSLC EXAM 1998
a. Robin is my friend. He is a journalist. Ans: Robin who is a journalist is my friend. Or Robin, my friend, is a journalist.  b. You insulted him. This is his complaint. Ans: His complaint is that you insulted him.

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Class 10 : English Vocabulary : HSLC Exam Solutions

SEBA HSLC Class 10 Exam Questions on Vocabulary Solved with Additional Practice Questions at the End.
Q. Fill in the blanks with the right alternative.
1. HSLC EXAM 1998
a. Today the weather of Shillong is pleasant. (weather/climate) b. Both the parties came to an amicable settlement. (amicable/amiable)

Nouns : Definition and Types

A noun is the name of anything.In other words, all naming words are called nouns. The naming words can refer to persons, places, things, events or ideas. Whatever they may refer to, they are called nouns. In simple terms, nouns are names. They can be direct names of persons, places or things such as river, country, India, America, Mahatma Gandhi etc or they can also denote ideas such as beauty, kindness, happiness etc.